Donald Trump is polling at an unprecedented high among black voters.


    (Original post by Camilli)
    Don't forget the work he did for his father during his years of wartime "sacrifice"-- helping him keep "colored" tenants out of the old man's apartment buildings.
    Or his insistence for years that Obama isn't American because he is Black, despite documentation proving otherwise. Or his diarrhoea of an "outreach" to the African American community about how they are already so low, they surely can't sink any lower (and before anyone says that those weren't his exact words, I know. But that was the clear meaning). Or his retweeting white supremacist Twitter pages which produced untrue and unsupported claims about the Black community. And don't forget the rare gem of tokenising his "Black friend" "Look at my African American over here. Look at him, are you the greatest". And that's not all; there is much, much more.

    (Original post by Tcannon)
    The USC/LA Times poll shows slightly different level of African American support for Trump. Other main polls show single digit support among African Americans.

    What is the sample size, regional/economic demographics and how was the question phrased?
    My thoughts exactly.

    (Original post by Cain Tesfaye)
    So might be the marginal loss in black support from Obama to Hillary be offset by a marginal gain in white support?
    If she can replicate Bill's performance with the white vote (44%) then she'd certainly romp to victory. I think the email scandal is really started to hurt her though, the Republicans on the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform are going for the jugular. I can't see her picking up too many new working class white voters. White people that are put off by Donald Trump probably would have voted Democrat anyway.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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