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Corbyn wins Labour leadership with 61.8% of vote Watch

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    Corbyn's ruining the Labour party, let's not try to get in the way of a good thing.

    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    A picture of Jezbollah with the words "You mad?" isn't even an argument, let alone getting to the bedrock of one.

    We did give him a chance. He was given a whole year to get his **** together. In that time he demonstrated he was totally incapable of doing so, on many occasions; the three week reshuffle, his decision to sign up to Osborne's austerity pact, his continued association with the extremist Stop the War Coalition, his inability to get any sort of handle on the anti-semitism problem and the fact that in 9 months betwen his ascension to the leadership and the Smith challenge, he developed almost no policies at all (which is why respected economic advisors like Danny Blanchflower and Simon Wren-Lewis who agreed to serve on his council of economic advisors resigned and supported Owen Smith on the basis that Corbyn hadn't bothered to really come up with any policy in that time).

    These are valid criticisms, and they are valid reasons to want Corbyn to step down from the leadership. After Corbyn won the first time around, I hadn't supported him but after I saw his and McDonnell's first interviews, I thought, "Yeah, that's no so bad. Maybe I can get behind him". But pretty much everything he has done, and failed to do, since then has confirmed my original judgment. He is no leader, he is temperamentally unsuited to high office.

    And this is about more than just one man; Corbyn is not more important than the party. If the party goes into the next election led by Corbyn, a man who praised and supported the IRA, a man who took £20,000 from a regime that lynches gay men from cranes as payment to shill for them on TV, a man who wants to give up the Falklands Islands against the wishes of the islanders themselves, the Labour Party will be screwed. Corbyn is fundamentally unelectable, he's barely even begun to be seriously scrutinised and tested. When the general election starts, that's when the real scrutiny on his friendships and associations with fascist and anti-semites, his business deals with murderers, will come to the fore. And the British people won't like it.

    Aside from the fact that he's destroying a once great party, that he is allowing a personality cult to take hold in the party, that he has created an atmosphere of abuse, vilification and threat of violence that never existed in the party before (such that Ruth Smeeth had to be taken into police protection, Yvette Cooper was threatened with beheading)... aside from his incompetence and unfitness to lead the party, and his total lack of leadership skills and ability to persuade and bring people along with him... aside from these things, I fundamentally object to his immorality. He's a man who accepted £20,000 from a regime that murders gay people, to shill for them on their propaganda network (a propaganda network that was banned in the UK for its involvement in filming the torture of a journalist). I don't see how that can be defended. It can't except with the most nauseating exhibition of moral "flexibility". He's a man who has this affectation of Saint Jeremy, he believes himself to be utterly moral and untainted, and yet he does things like taking expensive gifts from oil industry lobbyists and, as mentioned above, money from fascist murderers.

    So it works on two levels; I dislike him because he is fundamentally unlikable and hypocritical (his position on loyalty being merely one of many hypocrisies), And that simply dovetails with the fact that he is unelectable, that he will drag the Labour Party down with him, and that will hurt many people who need a Labour government to look after their interests.
    I was talking about general arguments pitted against you. You always boil down into a habit of personal attacks and troll-calling when any reasonable statements are made. You are querying why you should bother with me because I chose not to respond with an essay like you do, I am simply querying why anyone should bother writing essays when you always end up dismissing someone as a troll or just blocking them.

    He hasn't had enough of a chance, I don't recall Miliband or any other Labour leaders getting things perfect in just one year. Especially with the constant media bias and undermining from his own MPs. You're basically asking for someone to sort out everything in just about 11 months who is always being attacked for his views and has suffered from divisions within his own party.
    Politics have changed massively. Putting an establishment-esque figure like Owen Smith in the place of Corbyn would've made things even worse. He genuinely is less electable than Corbyn, regardless of the absolute electability. Thousands of supporters of Corbyn would've felt betrayed by the establishment-esque system and it would've funnelled support to UKIP or other parties.

    Regardless of any past dealings, any threats to MPS or anything you or his haters can come up with - he is still the best chance Labour has. And people like you should stop whinging and get behind him. Owen Smith was probably the best and only person capable of challenging him, if there was a better alternative, he/she would've been funnelled in by the PLP. But Corbyn is the best choice we have. His only main weaknesses are a) disloyalty from MPs and b) media. He doesn't engage with the media, so his message doesn't resonate through to the average UK person in quite the same way that UKIP and Tory messages do. But he is adapting. This leadership contest has given both the PLP-side and Corbyn a chance to develop actual policies. Maybe he was ineffective for 11 months, but we are only just beginning to see what he is capable of. And constantly whinging about his policies on a student forum is boring, a waste of time and annoying - especially when some of those stories are either false or deliberately misworded by you to discredit him. Get behind the new Labour movement or leave us.

    (Original post by AlexanderHam)
    :lol: A bit touchy, aren't we? Do you deny there are many Momentum members who are Trots? If anything Milne is a Stalinist; he has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the mass murderer.
    There are Trots but they are a minority. I imagine Corbyn himself is at least sympathetic to Bolshevism. The policy platform on offer is not in anyway Bolshevik.
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