Make me feel less guilty with your worst night out stories


    I once (a while ago) got a bit tipsy at a wine tasting event at work (nobody told me you weren't meant to swallow it) and I ended up having a serious conversation with my manager about ''the importance of my role in the company'' while I was struggling to stay upright. Then had to talk to a customer for the last half hour of my shift, all while wondering why nobody else got drunk from the tasting (in hindsight, they had all been spitting each mouthful out like we were supposed to)

    Not as bad as some of these other stories At least most of you had the excuse of being teens when this happened though :/

    (Original post by Cari98)
    Last night was my best friend's 18th birthday party, so we basically went on a bar crawl through town in which I somehow put away 2 vodka and cokes, 2 shots of sambuca, 2 vodka shots, 3 jaeger bombs and a shitload of cocktails. I projectile vomited in a drain, then while sat on the train home, the birthday girl decided to throw up all over herself and the floor, the smell causing me to join her. This caused an argument with the passengers opposite and the other members of our group, none of which I remember because I passed out:P

    So this morning I felt not only horrendously ill, but kinda guilty too...anyone got any better stories to make me feel less of a terrible person?
    At least the birthday girls birthday was more erm "eventful" than my 18th
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Updated: September 28, 2016
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