When driving, how do you hold the steering wheel?


    (Original post by zippyRN)
    next no doubt you'll be claiming that push- pull is 'that shuffling *******s' ... thus demonstrating that you have no actual insight into the psychomotor skills or the need to remain in control of a vehicle ..
    Don't be that guy.

    You also managed to completely ignore my point. Not to mention psychomotor relates to the cognitive functions in relation to the physical action and this is a discussion purely about the physical (how you hold the wheel). As far as the need to remain in control of a vehicle goes, that's pretty obvious so if you're trying to call my insight into question you're doing a fairly feeble job at it. But then again you haven't contributed anything useful and merely came here to flame other people's driving style so what can I expect.

    But I'll throw a simple example at you. Are you suggesting that people with some sort of physical disability impairing their arms are somehow ignorant or unsafe? Because it looks like you're trying to insult everyone who doesn't use an established method.

    I've seen people who claim crossing your hands is dangerous and I've seen people who claim shuffling is dangerous. They both have perfectly valid arguments. There's no correct way to drive. There are safer practices, such as having both hands on the wheel but in some cases not following them does not always lead to dangerous driving.

    What you seem to have completely missed is that the driving style is not important PROVIDED the person driving has control of the vehicle. Everyone is different and what feels comfortable for one person may not work for another. You're more likely to crash if you're focusing on your driving style (because your not paying attention) or doing something unnatural.

    Any driving style is fine if you have complete control of the vehicle. It's also why there are dedicated courses for different types of driving.

    So if you're just here to throw your weight around kindly sod off. Trying to hold a superior view does not make you look better than everyone else. Neither does insulting us. You just look like a jackass.

    (Original post by Acsel)
    So if you're just here to throw your weight around kindly sod off. Trying to hold a superior view does not make you look better than everyone else. Neither does insulting us. You just look like a jackass.
    Following and established evidence base is not the fallacy of 'appeal to authority' ... and the funny thing is the evidence base here spans multiple disciplines.

    Getting people who are unconsciously incompetent to event realise that they are incompetenent is very hard especially when they believe they are competent (dunning - kruger etc) reinforced by the possession of a basic certifcate of competence ...

    Your failed point with regard to people with disabilities just further demonstrates your ignorance ofthe processes that someone with a significant disability goes through to get a provisional / reactivate their full licence ... ( assessment numerous Doctors , an further assessment by a OT ( and possibly orthotist) followed by an assessment with an ADI with additional training in conducting driving assessments for peopel with disabilities)

    pretty much all the time i drive one handed with my right hand on 3 and elbow on the door. if not its 9-3 or 3-7
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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