Best solution for acne and spots?


    your doctor will be able to get you the right cream/medication if needed
    going vegan is what stopped my spots and now i always have a glow thanks to all the fruit, veggies and water i have

    I used to suffer from lots of acne during my early teen years. At 14 my face became full of blackheads and spots. My mum used to insist on squeezing them out - I can still feel the pain!Now I'm 19 and while I still have acne it's a lot better than it used to be. Just make sure you wash your face twice a day. Use plenty of soap and water. You can also try using a blackhead scrub but I warn you it may sting your face.

    Wait five years, and it'll probably be gone. If it isn't, wait another five years.

    I use Manuka Doctor oil. It's certainly not for chronic severe acne, but more for occasional spots which it reduces the size of. I've also noticed scars from spots vanish quicker since I started to use it. I use it once a day after washing my face with the Simple Facewash.

    Also can't emphasize enough what others said about diet. Ditch all the ready meals and takeaways cr*p as much as possible. Cook fresh veg and (preferably) white meat from scratch and eat plenty of fruits as well as drink water.

    I wasted so many years buying different products and I regret that now! Seriously, go to your doctor. I was diagnosed with mild acne and given a face wash (Duac Once daily gel) and a moisturiser (Doublebase) and my skin looked better after the first use. Good luck!

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Updated: October 4, 2016
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