My mum expects me to marry someone from my country


    Run for the hills and never look back once u hit 18

    Ignore your parents

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    My mum has made it absolutely clear she won't let me date let alone marry a guy from another country. I'm of an ethnic group in Iran (not Persian) and she expects me to marry someone of the same group. I said there aren't many in England and she goes well you can always go back home and marry someone from there. Help! I don't want to! I think I could get away with dating a guy from another country secretly but marriage will be a problem
    hey can you pm me please
    I'm going through something very similar to you

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    Oh thank goodness you're a girl too so you know exactly how it is. You're right it's SO much easier for guys. I'm Kurdish. Persians tend to be less strict, unfortunately a lot of the Kurdish are very set in their backwards ways.
    Don't you think the whole set up is wrong though that every proposal has to go through the dad first before it can even reach you?
    Tbh I am realistic. I swear kurds are so similar to the Afghan ethnic group Pashtun lol because they care sooo much about their dignity etc (as in to make sure marriage is in family or ethnic group mostly) but not all my family are complete Pashtuns, extended family are more Persian too lol and other ethcnicities and even nationalities. My aunty got married to a Persian/Farsiwan, it wasa shock because I thought it was impossible but because they were good people etc it worked. It is funny because we all share common traditions, culture and even language, but all they see is the name of the ethnic group. Well I don't know, I would not say it is completely wrong as you would not want a haraam relationship (or it protects you from it, if you are a Muslim). The girl does get approached and asked dw (or should as Islam does not allow force marriages). I trust my parents and they will never force me.

    Go Gay. Ez game, Ez Life.
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Updated: September 27, 2016
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