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FT on Labour's un-radical ideas watch


    (Original post by KimKallstrom)
    This isn't even including his supporting of the IRA (an openly-Marxist group) when they were being funded and armed by the KGB...........
    The Provisional IRA were never a Marxist group, nor did they receive funding or arms from the KGB. You seem to be mixing them up with the Official IRA, who shut down in 1972, before Corbyn was even in politics.

    (Original post by Classical Liberal)

    An excellent post. This should be circulated in a broadsheet.
    No doubt it will come general election time.
    Thank you, sir! There has been some limited coverage of these issues, of Corbyn's support for the IRA (to which KimK rightly drew attention), the £20,000 he accepted as payment to be a television shill for a regime that lynches gay men from cranes. The limited coverage that has occurred thus far is just a taste; his followers think that because these things died down after a few days or were only covered in one or two publications, that somehow he got away with it and that ordinary Britons don't mind that he lavished praise and support on an organisation that was murdering our soldiers and fellow citizens.

    When the election starts, the Tories will open up on Corbyn from day one with a withering rain of criticism and scrutiny. The election won't be about economic issues, it will be a national security election. It will be, "This man is a proven threat to national security", based on his terrorist associations. It will be, "This man is an authoritarian with nothing but contempt for this country and our military's sacrifices" given he proposes to hand over the Falklands to Argentina, against the wishes of the native inhabitants and with contempt for the hundreds of soldiers and sailors who lost their lives retaking it.

    It will be, "How on earth could you ever trust a man who accepts £20,000 to shill for a foreign government, and a government that stones 'adulterous' women and lynches gay men?". He will be on the back foot from day one, and he will never recover his balance. The general public becoming knowledgeable about Corbyn's baggage will lead to a wave of revulsion and outrage against the Labour Party from which it may never recover. He and his supporters will, moronically, be totally surprised by the strength of the outcry and anger against them.

    Theresa May knows that as long as Corbyn is Prime Minister, she is safe. She knows that for every election he fights, she has just been gifted another 5 years. What is most obnoxious is how dismissive his supporters are about all of his immoral actions and statements, but also how oblivious they are to how despicable the British people will find those actions and statements.

    (Original post by anarchism101)
    The Provisional IRA were never a Marxist group, nor did they receive funding or arms from the KGB. You seem to be mixing them up with the Official IRA, who shut down in 1972, before Corbyn was even in politics.
    Sure, they accepted the arms from Libya instead (Soviet-made arms, by the way). Tonnes of explosives, thousands of rifles, RPGs, countless rounds of ammunition and grenades. These are weapons that still pose a threat to Irish people today, and much of it is still under the ground.

    Those shipments of plastic explosives sent by the Libyans directly led to the deaths of innocent people, such as the Remembrance Day bombing in Enniskillen; one of the most disgraceful acts of the IRA during the entire period of the Troubles. Corbyn was a major supporter in parliament of the IRA at the time foreign arms shipments were being sent to the IRA (such as the MV Eksund)

    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)

    This is what is so stupid about all of this. It's all so totally benign. Yet we are supposed to believe this is Trotskyism.
    While it's true that most of the policies are basically just extended versions of existing government policy the big hitter in there is ~£500bn or so of 'investment'. Now while i am actually open to significant capital spending, the idea that it should funded by borrowing rather than deeper cuts or tax reform is deeply concerning. You'll be hard pressed to find much support among fiscal conservatives of which most of the country seems sympathetic to.

    (Original post by Rhadamanthus)
    This sums up the problem I have with Labour under the Corbyn leadership. I am not necessarily opposed to many of his economic policies, but rather I find that the man's wider world-view and the events behind his solidification of power typify a strain in old-left politics I cannot support. His regressive views regarding the UK's foreign policy and role in the world are extremely damaging to causes - left-wing causes at that - which are close to my heart, such as support for secular democracy in the Middle East, reform within Russia, etc.
    This. I can have a degree of respect for socialist economic ideas (though i disagree with them) because i take the view that if things are so bad that people actually believe capitalism has failed then the right deserves to lose.

    What can't wash with me though is the price for that economic debate. Corbyn's views on fundamental things like the monarchy, the union/overseas territories and Russia/ISIS are deeply concerning.
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