An autistic boy is obsessed with me


    (Original post by shawn_o1)
    This guy seems to be using autism as a justification of his actions which are clearly causing distress to OP. Yet it seems nobody can tell him straight or he will fall into a vicious cycle of depression. Are kids made out of glass these days?
    This is post is right on the money. Autism is often used to excuse bad behaviour and I for one am sick to ****ing death of it.

    I had this happen to me at college years ago by an autistic boy I went to school with a few years before. I didn't know him at school but he remembered me and approached me the first day at college and would wait for me outside my classes, wait at the front door for me arriving, added me on fb, asked to sit with me at lunch.

    I thought he was a nice enough guy and all that but I know sometimes people with autism don't know personal space boundaries so at times I felt like he was smothering me. I didn't want to hurt his feelings as he probably didn't know any better and he was a nice guy and I tried thongs like walking a different way to college, leaving class earlier or later than usual and even got my boyfriend to show up at college to try and give him the hint but in the end, I ended up talking to his sister who I found out was in the same department as me and she was very understanding and I told her because I didn't want him getting any wrong ideas and thinking we were anything other than friends and didn't want him to get hurt. He eventually calmed down after that and would sometimes sit with me at lunch if he had no one else which was perfectly fine and we'd still say he and wave when we saw each other and overall, I'd say he has learned some boundaries.

    I do agree that you should laugh about someone health conditions. What they do might appear strange and eccentric to us but it's no reason to laugh. A little empathy can go a long way but at the same time, they do have to respect your own boundaries.

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    Wonder what his username on here is

    Just be nice to him and definitely don't lead him on by laughing or acting cool (small stuff that he may interpret as positive reinforcement, being autistic and all).

    Maybe also get a male friend and introduce him as your bf lol
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    Just to clarify, I reread my post and I think I might've given some people the wrong impression. I really do genuinely worry for him, and the reason I used to laugh at him before is because I had no idea about his condition, and I thought that the whole situation was a joke or a dare that his friends put him up to, until my teacher told me he followed me due to his condition. I promise I'm not that mean! I was only aware of his autism once my teacher told me. But thank you all so much for your advice, it's been very very helpful and I truly appreciate it

    (Original post by Luke7456)
    I am a 31 year old autistic adult. I have largely outgrown most of the autism which I know main stream say cannot happen but if you look into more recent stuff it does sometimes.
    You can't outgrow things related to your autism. You learn better coping mechanisms.
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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