Is muscle memory legit?

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    (Original post by Tootles)
    That's a pretty disproportionate and overblown reaction to having lost a little muscle mass.

    What does it even matter, anyway? As long as you're healthy, muscle mass is just another number.

    On topic: yes, is it legit - when you're doing things which require actual motor control and dexterity.
    Yeah, I know, was just kidding :lol:

    But it sucks to see years of hard work go to waste

    You got a nice booty anyways.

    That's all that matters.

    (Original post by Angry cucumber)
    In my experience, yes but not the magical speed that people claim.

    If you have some gainz still, then you'll initially appear to put on size quickly, but that's just glycogen just going back in and that alone will put a little strength on you. From there, as you know how to train and eat, you'll gain it back slightly faster than the first time, largely as you know what you are doing.

    Imo it comes back like 10% faster and then that last bit to where you were exactly (depending on how strong you were) takes the same as previously. Perhaps 20% faster. You don't just bounce back 12kg of gainz :lol:

    Inb4 someone mentins the guy who did the Olympia at 54
    Was that Kevin Levrone?

    Sure you can beat people but yeah ... you can't beat time.

    Yes, some of it will just be increased glycogen storage in your muscles but you also still need to eat enough to get the gains back, your body can't create muscle out of thin air, so basically your caloric surplus a higher percentage will be used to create muscle than fat storage compared to if you never had the extra muscle in the first place (which is fast itself due to the noob gain factor).
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Updated: September 30, 2016
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