I want to leave uni ( 3rd attempt ) and work in KFC.


    If it makes you feel better, there are loads of people that finish university but still can't get a job. Not even in KFC

    (Original post by scaphrax)
    Hey guys,

    Straight to the point, I want to leave uni, currently studying at Reading University doing pharmacy, did go to 2 other unis before and left them because of personal reasons ( I went through a family traumatic event during those years ), all of this was and is still to live up to my parents expectations.

    Anyway, I did work in KFC before I came to Reading, and not trying to show off or anything ( honestly ) but I did do a damn good job at it while the short time I was there, about 6 months. Apparently my boss's boss wanted to try to promote me in being team leader and potentially assistant manager in the future, this is what I was told from my manager of the branch I was working at.
    Yes, KFC had A LOT of *****y moments, like wow....I won't go into details, but I wanted to cry at some points. Then again, I loved it - what job doesn't have moments where you just wanted to throw in the towel. I guess the reason why I always didn't want to see myself working in KFC was due to my upbringing in an asian family and my general knowledge of life where you must earn at least 21k a year to survive - I don't know the exact truth as I haven't yet lived a completely independent life in terms of paying my own bills as buying groceries etc.
    Another reason why I didn't want to work there was because I was too embarrassed to see myself working in KFC earning such a small salary compared to all my friends who are graduating by now at uni getting medicine or dentistry degrees. But I have kind of got to the point in life where comparing myself to other people is just pointless in life ( I have a really bad habit of doing that ).

    To sum it all up why I want to work there, for once in my life I was good at something, I had a good social life at work, I felt tired throughout the day so that i didn't feel physically and mentally restless during the evenings so I can just chill and play video games, and finally I was recognised in being good at the job by the customers and someone that's at a higher position in my career path ( not sure if that last part even made grammatical sense...).

    What are your guys opinions....pls be honest, even if its harsh
    I dropped out of Law at a top-ten university and channelled my innate, precocious flair for visual composition into a self-made role as in-house retoucher, compositor and creative artworker for a company that didn't even realise it needed one when it first recruited me as a glorified admin-assistant in 2009. It's ontologically true that most people will, at best, resent their jobs, regarding salary more as compensation for chronic emotional distress than as an equitable dividend for their role in sustaining the prosperity of the 'parent' organisation: first discover what makes you happy, then seek out the most viable point-of-entry with a view to honing any related skills, then optimise your earning potential within that field—and remember, people without secure careers or long-term, stable incomes generally don't get to transcend the rental rat-race.
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    Hey guys,

    For all of you that had given me an honest reply ( which I know u all have ), I really do appreciate it.

    Straight to the point, after having a lengthy heart to heart talk with my brother in law, I decided to carry on with the pharmacy course. Iv been panicking a bit more cus everyone is so much more smarter than me on the course, and I've been out of education for 2 years so forgotten most of the basics. I've just gotta try my best for now.

    Thanks guys

    Seriously, push yourself into finishing your degree because you will have something to show for it.

    Spending 3 years at different universities is not a joke and trading that for minimum wage at KFC is really a stupid idea? are you having a laugh? have you thought about your student loan debt?

    You are certainly, taking the easy way out as someone else has sated.

    Just keep calm and carry on.

    KFC will be the forever, university is only for a while so make the most of your time there and try to come out with a good grade.


    I just read your updated post.

    Hope you do well in that degree.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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