Paying your licence fee doesn't make you Director General


    (Original post by Damien96)
    I don't think people understand just how important it is to have a genuinely unbiased news source. Like so many things that so many seem happy to throw away, they're in for a shock when it's gone.

    (Original post by anarchism101)
    The BBC doesn't so much have political bias as prejudices that influence its news (though these generally don't particularly favour either major party). Compared to other TV media networks, I'd say the BBC is more 'traditional', in the sense that it is more celebratory of longstanding British institutions like the Monarchy, Parliament, Anglican Church, Rememberance Day, etc.

    Other than that, the prejudices of the BBC are similar to other TV news media - coverage of foreign events is typically simplistic, fitted into easy-to-understand-but-not-entirely-accurate tropes, and contextual explanation is quite thin and doesn't go back more than a few years. For example, virtually no explanation of the Syrian Civil War will try to provide any substantial information on events prior to the 2011 protests.
    Agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your post, its always been pretty obvious to me that while the BBC is fairly balanced between the political parties it could easily bendescribed as biased towards established authority and the maintenence of the current political status quo.

    I also agree with your criticism of wider news media coverage, how over simplified and sensationalist it has become is to the detriment of tje delivery of actual information. The presence of 24 hour news should allow space for deep complex discussions but somehow has turned into running the same headlines again and again and again without ever examining what tjose stories actually mean in any context.

    The other problem faced by TV more generally is actually getting people to watch the TV. In these days of wasy streaming from various sources (legal or otherwise) the traditional TV channels need to do something to get people back on side and as many will know from the gaming industry, sticking everything between massive paywalls, smashing everyone with copyright infringements and otherwise treating your customers with a total lack of respect wont work. What you can see from services like spotify, netflix, twitch, steam and other similair set ups is people are willing to pay money for good content that they have access to at their own convenience, thats where the BBC and others should be going, not in the direction they are, making everything more and more inconvenient for people.

    the bbc seem to have awarded themselves National Treasure status. they should be forced to compete in the marketplace like all the other providers of low quality mass entertainment. their tax on idiocy should be abolished.

    The title of this thread is brilliant.
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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