12th October: Is the internet the first place you go when you're ill?


    All the time, i google my symptoms almost everyday. When i'm convined i have an illness i book an appointment with the GP.

    (Original post by JuliahMusic)
    I'm actually not registered with a gp because I'm 25 but still live with my parents but they haven't registered me... so been relying on Google, WebMD and stuff I can buy at a pharmacy. I know I sound really bad
    Lol you're 25 but relying on your parents to register you. Irrelevant of whether you live with them you can register yourself.

    A thorough search for my symptoms and then the doctors for confirmation.

    Although I usually just come here nowadays

    My dad's a doctor so I don't have to worry about appointments or other stuff.

    No but the I sometimes use the internet to see what the symptoms could be of, so that I can go to the GP for treatment

    When I am ill, I go to the doctor to get a diagnosis for my illness. The internet cannot substitue the experience of a doctor who I trust. I may looking for my illness in the internet, but it is highely unreliable, as I have not the knowledge of a doctor to judge and to recognize it. So I am not capable of giving a diagnosis, unless I am a doctor.

    I always buy my medicine in a chemist's, just because there are people who may give me good advices and have not to wait till it is delivered.
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Updated: October 24, 2016
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