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What is your BEST Childhood Memories? Watch

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    Lool. Samee. He used to give me free lollipops. I was so happy :lol:

    (Original post by tamil fever)
    ^and getting free sweets from shop owners bc i was "cute"

    (Original post by Tasnia'x)
    :lol: Here's mine:
    Sleeping on the sofa, and I magically wake up on bed. :mmm:

    What's yours? :ahee:
    Oh my God, I've got so many of them...

    Doing my homework when I was a kid, drawing letters and ****
    My mum working for Kraft and always bringing home dozens of types of chocolate
    Knocking on my next door neighbour's door and asking her to come over and play
    Buying food and eating it while taking long walks with my parents in the evening
    Getting home from those walks at almost midnight and then eating chips and chicken nuggets
    Not getting fat from the loads of unhealthy foods we used to eat omg :rofl:
    Going grocery shopping to the big stores and buying all sorts of awesome **** that we couldn't find anywhere else
    Holding my baby brother in my arms when he was only a few days old
    Getting him to kiss my cheek and seeing that he didn't even know how to do it
    Going to the cinema for the first time to see Madagascar
    First day of school
    Seeing presents under the Christmas tree and thinking they were from Santa Claus
    Sleeping on my mum's hand when I was little
    Calling my dad 'strong one' and having him carry me around all the time
    Seeing my mum burst into tears when I got the biggest score in school in a real important test
    Going to McDonald's (used to love food when I was a kid lol)
    Going to picnics together... there's one particular picnic that I'll remember all my ****ing life
    Getting the cheapest ice cream when we didn't have enough money but enjoying it as if it were the best thing in the world
    Making dresses out of bed sheets with my best friend at that time
    New Year's Eve parties at our place with my best friend's family
    Having friends over, making our own pizza at home and staying up for way too long
    Watching O Clone (a Brazilian soap opera) with mum and asking her to read the subtitles for me when I didn't know how to read
    My grandpa giving me piggy rides around the house
    My grandma having to feed me while I was riding a bike (loved food but was still a fussy eater)
    Getting my first phone when I was 10 (a purple Samsung U600)
    Not being able to fall asleep in the afternoon
    Singing and dancing. I was literally doing it all the goddamn time.
    Buying school supplies (I still love doing this)
    My mum giving me a weird fringe when I was very little and my dad laughing at me all the time about it
    My brother's Christening
    My 7 year old birthday party at McDonald's
    My 8 year old birthday party at home, when all my friends were over and the boy all the girls in my class liked helped me get over some **** in Harry Potter 2
    Having a little piano and my baby brother starting crying whenever I pressed on certain keys (I'm not sadistic, I usually calmed him down right away every time he did that)
    Having perfect skin
    Having perfect hair
    Being skinny without too much effort

    I'll add other stuff too if I remember it...

    Going to Fun and Food village, an Amusement and Water Park, in India during the summer holiday when I was 9 with my older cousins.

    EDIT: After reading Rhaenys' list I wanted to add spending time with my grandad, he was hilarious. RIP :cry2:
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    Getting money off all the aunties and uncles because you were a little kid and deserved the money...

    i never saw any of that money again once my parents took it off me tho...i could be a millionaire
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    Piggy back rides omg
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    playing video games all day, on the N64 especially; on many ocassions in the game worms armageddon, I would line up a shot for about 8hrs and then miss and start it all over a gain the next day.

    Watching TV shows all day on cartoon network, then I moved to Nickelodeon and then fox kids and then disney. I even sang the spongebob song at the talent contest in year 3 .

    (Original post by drowzee)
    Watching Pokémon on Tsunami for hours, while holding my Pikachu teddy in one arm. :lol:

    I don't even remember pokemon being on there, but I can't remember what channel I watched it on and I had a pikachu teddy as well and a jiggly puff one
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