Are brexiters starting to think this is all Conservative fault?


    (Original post by ckfeister)
    Basically both sides lied and not told the truth, and now we all screwed, even if we rejoin we'll never as rich/powerful as we was. Conservatives basically made a solid foundation of it by making NHS fail by underfunding.
    Pretty sure the remain campaign were saying everything you've just said and people kept dismissing it as "PROJECT FEAR!!!"

    Leave voters should, for once, take responsibility for their poor decisions instead of looking for other people to blame.

    (Original post by Naveed-7)
    Very intolerant and controlling indeed. Not a nice way to treat a country that has been trading and paying large fees to them for 40+ years.
    We just told them to piss off and you're upset that they're no longer bending over backwards to appease us? Unfortunately, other countries have their own sovereignty and get to make their own decisions too. We chose to leave, they don't owe us anything, and are well within their rights to act in their own interest. I don't understand why you think we're entitled to anything more.

    We can prosper and survive without them. Australia Trade Deals, India, China, Japan, etc trade deals, Here we come!
    Can we? They're our closest neighbour and our biggest trade partner...

    It's also funny how you're getting excited about trade deals with countries we already had deals with as part of the EU.

    >elect a politician based on their promise to fix a certain problem.
    >watch as they spend 5 years watching them not solve the problem.
    >blame absolutely everyone, the EU, immigrants, terrorists, monkies, left handed people, the weather, NATO, liberals, UKIP, just whatever you do, don't blame the people that, for 5 years have had the means to do the stuff they promised they would.
    >vote for them again and repeat the whole miserable cycle.

    Just the life of the British voter. You get what you deserve.
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Updated: January 20, 2017
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