My parents dont speak to me in my mothertongue

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    (Original post by HAnwar)
    Chalo beta koy bhaat nai

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    Wah bhai *__*
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    (Original post by Rhythmical)
    I smell a troll. Do yourself a favour and click the log out button and never sign back in again, stop oppressing Asians who speak with their mother tongue. It's clear to me that you are trying to persuade people on here that speaking in the mother tongue is a bad idea even though you want to speak it. I get that we are in England but it's multi cultural, different languages are spoken here and it's fine not to speak English at home if it's preferred and easier. Speaking a different language is a beautiful thing and you're such a troll if your parents don't allow you to speak Urdu at home, my parents openly encourage it so I can converse with my elderly relatives but also be able to talk to other people in Punjabi and Urdu.
    You are clearly misunderstanding my post. Its not wrong. I'm proud of it Everyone should be billingual. What I'm trying for to say is for me it kind of didn't pay off because nobody speaks to me in it
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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