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I'm 25 and he is 37- would it be frowned upon? Watch



    I am marrying the love of my life THIS NOVEMBER !!!! SO excited.

    I am 22 and he is 38. I have never looked at him and seen his age as a thing. And he doesn't look at me as I am younger.. He is romantic, caring, patient, loving, fun, devoted and does everything and everything for me. I was in a road traffic accident last year and was hospitalised for a week and he left work early each day to come into hospital to wash me and wash my hair and make sure I had my things near me as I was incapacitated and I would've never thought in my wildest dreams any man I was with or engaged to would do this for me and I owe him everything now. In sickness and in health !
    I am mature minded for my age and have never fitted in with people my age anyway and I think that's why we click. We do and love the same things, all hobbies and things like dogs, cars, anything you can think of. We met when I was working in a supermarket 2 and a half years ago now and we just hit it off. The humour and allsorts.

    Age doesn't define a person. Trust me. And my mom says shes never seen me like this and his parents have never seen him so happy, after he split with his ex and went through some difficult times, he lost a ton of weight and allsorts and they say that I brought him back from the brink.

    Age really is just a number. I've only just joined the student room because I'm applying for a uni course next sept 2017 when by that time I'll be 23. And oh well, so what. I joke and say I've done it all backward ! Gone to work for 4 years, got married then gone to uni ! This topic caught my eye first on here so this is my first post !

    Do what makes you happy - to everyone. Cause life is short and when its your last days on this earth you don't want to be lying there thinking about what you should've done !

    Hope I've helped or inspired some of you out there and at the end of the day love is a powerful and magical thing. Enjoy it ! XXX

    (Original post by Akamega)
    LOL why are you still on thestudentroom? You're too old to be asking teenagers for advice.
    this is nonsense. age doesn't define anything. i'll be 23 when i start uni next year and im finding various advice on uni stuff and things on here useful !

    (Original post by phunky_fresh)
    Not me lmao but I know women that have dated men that are 12-25 years older than them.
    25... Ok then

    (Original post by chazwomaq)
    38/2 + 7 = 26.

    The age gap police will be knocking at your door...
    Uh oh....
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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