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WMHD: How do YOU help yourself? Watch

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    (Original post by bluemadhatter)
    What are your best distractions, and what helps you calm down?

    TV series distract me a lot. I would say music as well but I tend to listen to music that relates to my mood which just ends in me thinking about the thing I'm suppose to be avoiding but sometimes I'll listen to pump up/feel good music which is a great distraction. Something that really calms me down is writing exactly how I feel and reflecting on why I feel that way and then trying to look at it from a different perspective. Its one of the only things that calm me down, just by writing and reflecting on my thoughts.

    What motivates you and gives you hope?

    My future motivates me and gives me hope. I always try to think of where I want to be in a couple years or even months time and I'll make sure I do everything I can to get there. Even when I was super upset because I thought my initial plan to get to my future goal was ruined, the thing that made me get up and have hope was knowing that I still wanted to reach that future goal and I could get there in other ways. My friends also motivate me and give me hope, mainly my wife TheonlyMrsHolmes
    What can other people do to help you? How can they look after themselves too?

    I think someone just asking if I want to talk about it and being able to listen to me and let me open up and even rant really helps me. Because I'm again reflecting on my feelings but I'm also able to get someone else's opinion where I might realise that I may be overreacting or that I am totally justified. They can look after themselves by coming to me and letting me do the same exact thing they did to me
    Is there anything that helps when you're struggling with something in particular?

    Answered really in the above questions. Mostly again just being able to reflect on my thoughts and see it from a different perspective.
    What apps and techniques do you use to help your mental health?

    TSR as the obvious because a lot of people on here are willing to listen and give advice which is always super helpful. I also want to give an honourable mention to this app called VENT which I think is super awesome. It's basically like twitter but for your emotions/feelings. So its mainly where I'll write about how I feel in the moment etc and there are also loads of other users there who are super supportive. I also find it really makes me feel better when I go on Vent and comment on other peoples "Vents" and try to offer advice and support.

    My technique to dealing with my mental health is one of 2 main things. First is reaching out to my support network which mainly involves my best friend :lol: and my second is reflecting on my feelings because I really find looking at things from a different perspective helps me a lot. I'll be super upset about something and reflecting can help me realise why I'm actually upset (sometimes I overlook the root cause), realise that I'm not in the wrong or if I am accept that and can help me take better steps in managing it. I also find the quicker that I reflect on my emotions, the faster I feel better. For example I can wallow in my feelings for a whole day, but the moment I sit back and reflect either through talking to a friend or writing about it is the moment I start feeling much more optimistic.
    Think I repped you last night but thank you so much for this! It's such a good and detailed reply

    (Original post by cbreef)
    With games being so realistic these days, it's easy to see why people do what they do. There are literally entire worlds in video games like GTA 5, Just Cause 3, Minecraft and the like.
    Yeah, can definitely understand that. Thank you!
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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