THE table of tables has Loughborough up to 6th place


    (Original post by doodle_333)
    (to my understanding from conversations with lecturers + teaching staff) lecturers and teaching staff are encouraged to produce enjoyable lectures that engage students and that students will say they enjoyed, they are encouraged to offer plenty of time for students to access extra feedback etc and the best lecturers are recognised and hiring decisions are made based on teaching ability not just academics

    lecture quality, in terms of what I meant, would be how much students enjoy the lectures (obviously with the proviso that they do learn!) I think if you're paying 9k a year you should really be given engaging lectures... not reading off a powerpoint while someone drones on in a monotone
    So the Teaching section of the NSS then:

    When league tables talk about student satisfaction these are the statements they're using.

    FYI Loughborough topped the Lloyds Bank Student Life Survery as well:

    (Original post by jneill)
    Times Higher Ed has released its "table of tables" - which is based on the combined results of the UK’s three main domestic university rankings.

    Top 5 positions are largely unchanged, and Loughborough now joins the "elite".

    1. Cambridge
    2. Oxford
    3. St Andrews*
    4= Imperial
    4= Durham
    6. Loughborough*
    7. LSE
    8. Warwick
    9. Lancaster*
    10 Surrey*

    Full table of Top 30:
    What do you think about the *non-RGs in the Top 10?
    How is this? Loughborough overtook Warwick, LSE and UCL they're all well respected universities.
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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