Muh 'project fear'


    (Original post by midnightice)
    So Unilever has now resolved this issue with Tesco and nothing has actually surfaced from the media hysteria. Marmite is 100% made in Britain so honestly have no idea why you're equating with this Brexit. Yes, we will experience some minor inflation due to the weak pound, but for crying out loud this is incredibly short-term.

    Funny how you're saying Leave lied about lower food prices. If you understood anything about the common external tariff you would clearly know lower food prices would be an inevitably once we're outside and free to trade at world prices, not inflated prices in a protectionist customs union.

    Short-term inflation caused by currency speculation < long-term benefits of lower prices caused by free trade.
    The media missed the fact Unilever tried raising prices in the republic which of course uses the euro

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    (Original post by Rakas21)

    Regarding cheaper food post-Brexit there are some ways to see that..

    1) We can abolish tarrifs on all agricultural imports (it would screw farmers but food production stopped being a major driver of the economy in the 1700's).

    2) Once we've abolished CAP many farms will no longer be able to carry on selling things like milk at a loss so they will switch to producing vegetables for example and hence the price of those will fall
    Well none of this is going to happen under a Conservative government at least so we will be waiting a while.

    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Well none of this is going to happen under a Conservative government at least so we will be waiting a while.
    I'd not put it past them to abolish subsidies.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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