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Housemate is controlling to the point of intimidation. Watch

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    (Original post by mphysical)
    His knowledge of the law is weak.
    This is theft on his part as they clearly do not belong to him.
    It is irrelevant whose name is on the parcel; they were clearly intended for you as they were sent by a relative.
    (1) A person is guilty of theft if hedishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention ofpermanently depriving the other of it; and ‘thief’ and ‘steal’ shall beconstrued accordingly.

    Where is the dishonesty?
    Where is the permanent depriving?

    (Original post by mphysical)
    Theft of mail is a serious crime and career finisher.
    I would call a real policeman.
    Also OP, do you have a joint contract or separate ones? And I would consider telling the landlord. Again ur best off all doing it together.

    Sounds like he is taking his course too far into other aspects of his life. Some people can be like this. I had a friend years ago who did a Social Work degree. In her first term she would criticise every small thing her friends with children did saying this and that was potentially neglect. It wasn't at all. She was just getting carried away with the course and seeing parents neglect their children at every turn. Some people get off on the authority a policeman,social worker, doctor or whoever has and take it too far and try and laud it over people.

    Pretty sure hes displaying signs of sociopathic or narcissistic behaviour, might want to avoid direct confrontation with such an individual

    call the non-emergency police line and report him for stealing your stuff and being abusive, report him to the accomodation office for the above as well, and see if theres any other routes you can pursue to have him change his behaviour or move out.

    Pretty sure intimidating your housemates and being harassing or abusive is a breach of contract: this will be easier to nab him by if youre in uni owned or managed accommodation.

    Get every flatmate who believes he's this controlling and tell the porters/security/whatever you may have.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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