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Should I not apply to Cambridge? Watch


    (Original post by barborazel)
    I was e-mailing Cambridge with some questions abour entry requirements and in every e-mail to me they mentioned that Cambridge is extremely competitive in medicine. Almost like they don't want me to apply. Do they write this to everyone or should I reconsider my application?
    That's because it is competitive. Especially for an international. Of course it doesn't mean you shouldn't apply.

    (Original post by CrystalSalvatore)
    also your personal statement has to include ALOT of academic achievements like essays you have written, eps, lectures you have attended etc
    this is because they prioritise academics
    Personal statement matters a lot less for Oxbridge than it does for other unis. Focus the PS on them, not filling it with academics.

    (Original post by Failingstudent98)
    Out of curiosity why would you want to study medicine at Cambridge? Everyone I know applying to medicine (myself and 11 others) hated the way it taught the course and didn't understand the appeal at all?
    Most people will tell you a) that regular teaching in groups of 2 or 3 with some of the best academics in the world sounded amazing and b) that they thought the idea of being thrown into a hospital setting and asked to interview a patient with myaesthenia gravis when you don't even know what myaesthenia gravis is sounds stupid.

    I think being taught in lectures and small groups is much more similar to the classroom environment to a lot of people and that slow transition rather than being thrown clueless into the A&E deep end is a big attraction too. Same for PBL - its new and sounds kind of odd and people want to be told the answers rather than told to work it out for themselves - some people want to stick to what they know.

    (Original post by barborazel)
    Well, I have international academic qualifications so I can't choose from as many universities as UK students.
    Pretty sure all UK med schools accept international students.

    (Original post by Failingstudent98)
    I can't answer this (because I'm from the uk) but to clarify what the other person replied most med schools have you assessing patients in your first few months, some give you contact on the first week! Cambridge have purely science for the first two years which put me of greatly as I'm applying for medicine partly because of my love of working with people.
    "Assessing patients" lol - why don't you just skip straight to being a doctor.

    From what I'm told, it'll be a once weekly or once fortnightly half-day where you either shadow some doctors or interview a patient about how their disease affects their life. A lot of students describe it as more of a gimmick than something of substance, at least until you start accumulating some knowledge later down the course.

    Cambridge is pure science for 3 years actually (intercalation). However, it does involve some limited patient contact, including in the first few months. Like a session every 2 months or so.
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