Lets leave NATO


    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    So who is in a geographical position to actually invade the UK?

    We are an island surrounded by water with nuclear missles, so who is in a position to carry out a successful invasion and occupation of the UK?
    Ummm, France? You know, where most attempted or planned invasions for the last thousand years have come from? How about Scandinavia, fair few attempts from there? Belgium and the Netherlands too, although there they would just be used as a staging area, but they have been the pitstop of Europe for the last century or two.

    Oh, and to be honest, if the Americans played their cards right they could probably pull it off, especially if the rabid lefties that shout about how we can't use our nukes without the American's say so are right.

    As for Switzerland being more valuable than the UK: absolute hogwash. Switzerland has basically no natural resources, on the other hand the UK has at the very least oil and gas, but also large amounts of coal, a fair bit of gold, tin, but the main ones are the coal, gas, and oil. Then Switzerland is of little strategic importance, they're a mountain plateau in the middle of Europe that has no real interest in fighting so would broadly bend the knee and stay out of things anyway. On the other hand from the UK you can easily control Northern European shipping lanes because not only can you basically control why goes through the channel, but you can also get the northern entrance to the North Sea on lock down too.

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    Let's not. NATO is pretty integral to security. It cannot be compared to the EU in any regard.

    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Switzerland manages fine outside of NATO.

    We got out of the EU like Switzerland and can now get out of NATO.
    While i think that NATO membership is not as important to the UK's defense, i think it's existence is extremely beneficial in hemming Russia and keeping a lot of nations like Turkey outside their sphere.

    That said, i could only see the point of leaving NATO if one believed that military action was wrong. I for one find the fact that we are allowing Syrians to be slaughtered to be utterly reprehensible.
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Updated: October 17, 2016
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