How can anyone vote Hillary Clinton?


    (Original post by 2016_GCSE)
    Polls are absolute rubbish.
    (Original post by 2016_GCSE)
    Some polls still put him ahead.
    Debate polls MOSTLY put him ahead of Hillary.
    Make your mind up. It's hard enough to follow your barely coherent posts as it is, but if you could avoid contradicting yourself, that'd be grand.
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    (Original post by Drewski)
    Make your mind up. It's hard enough to follow your barely coherent posts as it is, but if you could avoid contradicting yourself, that'd be grand.
    Look, Hillary is funded by many media outlets.

    The media really pushes for Hillary's agenda so shows her ahead in MOST polls from these media sources.

    Debate polls allow you to cast a vote unlike the other polls which makes them unreliable.

    So when it comes to the election polls I find those untrustworthy as there is big range across all outlets.
    Whereas a debate poll where people actually get a vote on opinion with a result 1 candidate DONALD seems to come out on top on 9 of 10 of option selection polls.

    Has anybody during the american election at any point actually tried to convince somebody that the person they're supporting is good? All I've seen is people trying to make folk hate one candidate more than the other. It seems neither candidate has any redeeming qualities people want to talk about, which isn't good for the poor ol' muricans.

    That leaked email is definitely about the phrase "everyday Americans" rather than Americans as a whole tho, the latter just doesn't make any sense in the sentence.

    I feel like her vision for America is uninspired and more of the same. But at the same time, I feel like Trump's vision is unrealistic, by that I mean making Mexico pay for the wall (I honestly would prefer if we paid for it ourselves) and actually winning in the first place.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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