Nothing I do is ever enough, mum always wants MORE.

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    (Original post by Leukocyte)
    It's not even MH, don't use that as an excuse. You're not the only one in the world going through problems, someone out there is experiencing the same like you and some even worse.
    I'm on anon and you've literally convinced yourself that you know all about me, based off of one thread? I'm speechless.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I would say the problem is that you're being made to do favours for a brother you dislike. If it was for a bro you got along with I'm sure you'd be happy sorting out the wedding stuff.. In this case tell your mum that your brother has legs and a body so he can go collect the cards as you are unable to since you have work that needs to be done for Monday. Or alternatively, you've done enough favours ask someone else.

    My mum's pretty similar in the sense if I refuse to do something for a sibling i dont get along with I get called out as being selfish and other BS.

    Speak out for yourself.

    Also your parents are probably pretty old. They've had a tough time bringing you guys up to become decent people so I'm sure they would want to relax a little now.
    Yeah, that's true. It's just that trying to reason with them is always a losing game.

    Thank you. Posts like this calm me and help me see things with an open mind.

    There are too many trolls who come on here to sit and type "grow up!! there are people in worse situations!!" like that's going to help in any way whatsoever?

    People need to learn a thing or two about your approach to constructive advice.

    Your parents, and other family members are probably stressing more than usual because of the forthcoming wedding. Just take a few deep breaths and bite your tongue. Once the wedding is all over hopefully things will calm down for you.

    Hm, thanks for the report calling you that name was prolly a little dodgy, the point still stands though. If you don't want peoples advice/opinions you shouldn't post threads on tsr or the internet in general - which by the way was what I did, I gave you advice telling you to think about other people.

    What I don't appreciate though is you making light of people actually suffering with mental health issues because you got in a fight with your parents. Its a disgusting attitude to have really. :/

    Anyway I'll refrain from posting in your thread from now on (I suppose unless I'm justifying your poor attitude I must be a horrible person), have a nice day.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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