Give up on medicine?


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    From oxford university website

    We do not have any specific requirements for GCSE grades, though higher grades can help to make your application more competitive. Successful applicants typically have a high proportion of A and A* grades. Where possible, tutors will be made aware of the overall GCSE performance of the school or college where you studied. They will also have information on how you have performed compared with other Oxford applicants at similar schools. (See further information on how we use contextual data.) Tutors will also consider your achieved or predicted grades at A-level (or other equivalent qualifications), your personal statement, academic reference, and any written work or written tests required for your course. If your application is shortlisted your interview will also be taken in to account. If you feel that you did less well in your GCSEs than you might otherwise have done, for good reason, then you may still be able to make a competitive application. Examples would include disruption caused by change of school or system, severe discontinuity of teachers, bereavement, and debilitating illness. We take care to treat each application individually and would always take such mitigating circumstances into account, if they are brought to our attention. You may like to mention any such circumstances in your personal statement, and your referee should make sure to mention them clearly in their reference. Tutors will want to see how you improve your academic performance after your GCSEs and that you do well in your A-levels or other equivalent qualifications.

    You can still go to Oxford !!!
    They say this but the average number of A*'s at GCSE for Cambridge are 10.something per candidate. And Oxford is 7.3 (that was 2010 so probably gone up since then). Most uni's state similar things but when you looks at the stats don't live up to the inclusive statement. Why would they tbf they have the pick of some very high achievers

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    (Original post by jenns_lifestyle)
    GCSE, im in year 12 now. And i got 5A and 2B
    4A* 5A 2B isn't terribly bad. If you do end up applying for medicine apply to your strengths. Apply for med schools which don't emphasise on GCSE's.

    (Original post by jenns_lifestyle)
    Wow thank you. What university do you go to?
    Hi I'm at Cardiff.
    I really wanted to voice my opinion to your question as people did say to me aswell that my GCSEs were not good enough but like I said if you work hard and get the right A levels and apply strategically you can still do medicine.
    Loads of medical schools like Cardiff and QUB for example even topup your GCSE score if you have achieved grades but your 4A*s 5A's 2Bs is very respectable.

    Also TSR is great for getting in touch with fellow applicants BUT remember you will find people on here who brag about their 10A*s and it doesn't reflect reality at times.
    Academics can only get you so far in the application process and the rest comes down to your personal statement and interview.

    Just work hard believe in yourself, and don't give up and you can do medicine

    I can entirely support the encouraging comments herein and discard/ignore the discouraging ones; the latter are obviously from individuals with some problems that make them feel greater by putting others down.

    I have had several students who have had Bs, Cs and Ds only at GCSE, who have, with some help with their learning style, exam tactics and memory skills, obtained As and A*s at A level, and got into medicine. Some of these students did not have any offers before their A2 exams because of the poor GCSEs but got admission into medicine the following year.

    Your GCSEs are actually very good, and show that you are capable of doing very well at A level, particularly if the A*s and As were in English, Maths and Sciences. In my experience, good performance and ability in literacy and numeracy at GCSE portend v well for subsequent prowess at A level.

    Ignore the ignoramus's and take the right choice of subjects at A level, work hard and you will get there!

    Best of luck.

    (Specialist A level Biology tutor)

    (Original post by jenns_lifestyle)
    I was told by a teacher that I should give up on medicine and pursue another career goal all because I got 4A* and she says I definitely need more to even be considered. Is this true? Should I just give up?
    honestly don't give up. 4*'s is really impresive and tbh GCSE's now really don't mean anything. They just help you get onto your A-Level courses. Don't give up and persue your dream!

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