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Labour are now the party of capital watch


    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    No they don't. Policies are useless unless you can package them in a nice rhetorical package. If you have good rhetoric you don;t even need good policies. Leave winning was a good example of this.
    A referendum is different to a general election. In an election, policy details are much more important.
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    They can package all they like, but if their policies are made irrelevant by reality, what then?

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    How is single market access not a reality?

    (Original post by mojojojo101)
    A good chunk of that 17 million where never going to vote Labour anyway, another significant proportion will likely not turnout. All Labour need to do is make sure a low enough proportion of that 17 million vote not only against them but also against the Tory government such as to split that wide enough that they have the biggest party.

    Do I think the Labour party can do it? Of course not, I just reject the notion that they absolutely need all those 17 million votes or even a large portion of them.
    An absolute butt ton of the Brexit vote came from Labour's traditional voting base though. What you've got to remember is that there's a reason proper left wingers like Tony Benn and Corbyn had always been anti-EU. The working man is not always gung Ho for corporate protection rackets that undermine their earning potential through over saturation of their labour. Also traditional left wingers don't always root for corporate protection rackets that do things like replace elected politicians with Goldman Sachs employees for not playing ball (up to PM level in Italy's case) and coerce Greece into a ditch they'll never get out of in this generation.

    All this "if you don't support the EU then you're a small-minded, bigoted, racist pleb" narrative that Labour has tied itself to has alienated a lot of Labour voters. Labour need to remember they're not just preaching to the metropolitan luvvies and student union SJWs sharing their echo chamber bubble but to the working man and woman who are effected by issues they themselves are not.

    Labour have come out of this looking like Bob Geldoff on the boat in the Thames. The whole Remain campaign did and so did loads of Remainers on the Internet and in the media. Then they wonder why Brexit happened.

    I voted Remain but I'm someone who sees the benefit to us all of a stronger economy overall due to buttering up corporations etc along with the internationalist element and cooperation. Trade deals don't work themselves out, you know. And "ppff I dunno" isn't a sufficient substitution for decades worth of said deals. But let's not pretend workers in this country have been listened to by Labour or treated well in all of this. It'll take a lot for them to recover from this in the eyes of their regular voters in their heartlands. Labour's rep is badly damaged by all of all this.
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    (Original post by ChaoticButterfly)
    How is single market access not a reality?
    The reality is by the time labour are in any position to bring about access to it the brexit negotiations will be well in the past. Capital and business are hardly going to flock to them on this announcement

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