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Was this comment by my bf a little sexist or no big deal? watch


    (Original post by Anonymous)
    He said that I'm not well blessed in the leg department (I have short stumpy legs lol) and puts across the idea that I should lose weight in joking ways. Like he is very into eating healthy/exercise and when I'm eating something like crisps he will ruin my enjoyment of them by tutting and saying 'well it's all going on here' meaning my bum. I think he is partly trying to motivate as we are both into keeping fit and he coaches me but also I think there's a little superiority complex going on too. In supermarkets he will criticise overweight people and he has this idea that most people are sluggish and achieve nothing in life. He has written a book and done lots for his sports club but I think he feels he's better than others because of it. I wanted to watch X factor and he put it on but left the big light on and switched his laptop on. At the end he said 'well I've achieved absolutely nothing watching this ****'. Yet when watching a film if I even look at my phone he says it's rude lol.

    When it was comming up to my birthday he said 'your another year older, another year gone by'. I said jokingly 'yea but same for you' he said 'yea but I've achieved things'. He has a calendar on his wall and writes down in each block what he has done everyday. I have a degree and am working towards another degree but he doesn't see jobs, careers and qualifications as achievements, perhaps because although he's quite smart, he's not that academic lol. He also has a thing against gay people too. He is quite a bit older than me and maybe with him working in construction he has had this laddish culture around him. Yet he can be nice, a bit of a Samaritan and helpful to people, as I said he has done a lot for his sports club. He's a strange character though and has strong opinions but is not very open minded, then again I don't think it's possible to be both. Sorry I waffled on a bit there.
    Wow, that's quite a lot of stuff. Do you want to do all of this healthy eating/exercise? You shouldn't feel forced by him to do it. He does sound like he has a huge superiority complex. Well done on nearly two degrees - don't let him undermine that because he's not academic. He seems to think he's better than you, but, as long as you are happy and wouldn't feel any happier outside the relationship I wouldn't worry too much. Also don't excuse too much of his behaviour on lad culture, that doesn't make it okay.
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