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The paradox of tolerance watch

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    (Original post by Cato the Elder)
    Neoconservatism has a good answer to this.
    Please explain

    Rawls, Theory of Justice (1999, OUP, p. 193):
    "...while an intolerant sect does not itself have title to complain of intolerance, its freedom should be restricted only when the tolerant sincerely and with reason believe that their own security and that of the institutions of liberty are in danger. The tolerant should curb the intolerant only in this case." [Rawls uses the example of an intolerant sect but claims that this example can extend to other instances with "appropriate alterations" (p. 192)]

    Tolerating the intolerant until threats to security demand otherwise - this is a great idea and all but its vagueness allows for a gamut of interpretations: from toleration of the intolerant right up to the point of immediate and imminent danger to one's physical safety, to toleration of the intolerant until the first sign of trouble. I believe the Psychotic Left to be married to the 2nd interpretation, treating words like bullets, but that is by-the-by. Another quick dig at The Left, actually, tolerance should not equate to acceptance and celebration.

    It is great that the opinions of 2nd and 3rd generation people in the UK are starting to come through. These are people who are mostly very grateful for the freedoms that the UK provides, especially if they still have connections in their "home" countries and they can compare conditions. There is no other country on Earth that offers the tolerance on offer in the UK

    I've got most of my bearings now and to be honest if you don 't like it then go away I usually just say what I want most of the time as well because I don't care even though a load of :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:s say you can't say that then speak freely themselves. I'm pretty sure I get listened to a wee bit more than most naturally so you for the same for everyone else, if you don't like it then leave.
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