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Do you get nervous before dates? watch


    (Original post by PandaCalavera)
    Same :'

    But yeah, on our first date I basically didn't eat a single thing the day before, the day and the day after because of nerves. I was going through a lot of stress, was newly single for about a month and generally had zero confidence (+ he's gorgeous so I was freaking out).

    I still feel flutters whenever we go out for dinner or have a special evening together.
    Aww, that's really cute.
    I don't see much of him anymore due to him having left sixth-form so the time we do have together is just even more special.

    I've never been nervous before a date. Either we'll like eachother and be attracted to each other or we won't. I go in to every date expecting nothing tbh.
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    (Original post by 0to100)
    Nope because if it's someone I have asked out most likely I already know her. I don't ask anyone out unless we've formed a companionship first because I'm not desperately blind dating and catcalling random chicks on the road so. Yea never apparently nervous.

    As long as you know you look good, smell good, they're into you a bit, and you picked a nice spot, from there you just have to let convo flow. A sense of humour never hurt anyone.

    Worst thing you can do if you're a bottle of nerves is pick a restaurant for the date and no prior activity to talk about. :naughty:

    As for me like if we're eating, I eat how I want. Sit how I want. Talk how I want. Just act comfortable even when I'm not. And surprisingly girls always loosen up and do the same, like I don't take out a napkin, tie it around me, use a fork and knife to eat and that :rofl: I'm not visiting the Queen.
    I appreciate your post but I just wanted to say in regards to the first paragraph as a woman I don't think there's anything wrong with strangers asking you out! In fact it's a bit frustrating if you meet someone and you fancy them and they don't ask you on a date because they're too nervous or want to make a friendship first before they're confident enough to make a move! I kinda end up thinking what's the point in talking! Asking out a stranger you met at a bar or party or something is not on the same level as going on blind dates/catcalling women on the street/being desperate! You meet people in all walks of life.

    Also I've never done it but there's nothing desperate about blind dates, sometimes it's hard to meet people especially after uni I imagine!

    Not anymore. I went on the worst date yesterday, but I wasn't nervous, just irritated.
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