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Everything is Going to be Fine watch

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    (Original post by PrinceHarrys)
    Mans gotta go to bed, exam tomorrow Nice to meet u though! Here's a funny video to cheer u up lmao

    Aww good luck :hugs: I hope you do well
    Speak tomorrow! :yep:
    Thanks for the funny video XD

    (Original post by CoolCavy)
    if you believe something hard enough then it will come true
    maybe i made that up idk
    You been reading the Law of Attraction or summit, Cavy? :hmmm:
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    Very Important Poster
    (Original post by CoolCavy)
    I love u Zarga :loveduck:

    Thank u Tigger u always give rational advice.
    Idk why I'm so upset over that one thing in particular. Was just a lot of memories I guess and stuff and now it's like it never happened even tho it was just the trigger for this underlying despair and weird feeling that idk the name of

    That sounds far too technical for me to possibly comprehend if I even ever did try to read it :lol:
    Presumably its some form of data loss? Phone? You need to google it and see how its recovered. Its possible in many cases. Deal with eqach thing opne at a time, there there will be fewer things to overwhelm you.

    All will be well Cavy

    I can't say anything else as I feel the worst I've ever felt but all will be well :hugs:
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