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22 and never been kissed :'( watch

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    Deluded trolls are deluded.

    I'm sorry but I think you've mistaken kindness for love. He's being nice and kind to you because he will be marrying your sister. Like you said, this is new terriroty for you so it would take some time getting used to such experiences. What you're experiencing is not love, though. I'm sure when the time's right, you'll find that someone to discover what love really means.
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    Are you barking mad! NO NO NO! Stay away

    I got a feeling this is a joke post, however if not i mist say that you need to boost your confidence and get out. If you really want to be this **** label you have appointed yourself as (to your friends) get out nightclubbing with your mates and im sure you will get a fella unless your kinda scared about these things...?

    (Original post by Wellclevar)
    We've never said or done anything, but whenever he says hello to me he kisses my cheek. Also, I find that whenever I look at him he'll smile at me. This must be love, right?
    Sorry but no, not necessarily. He may just be a nice guy.

    (Original post by Wellclevar)
    I don't know whether to say anything or just talk to him about his love for me when my sisters not around.
    As horrible as it sounds, if given the chance I would be with him forever. I think about him all the time and want my first snog (lol) to be with him. I really think he loves me more than her, he even got me a gift certificate for £10 for New Look for my birthday! This can't just be the love for his new wifes sister, can it?
    Are you serious? It's nothing more than a birthday present?

    I'm sorry if I sound harsh here but you're coming across as rather naieve (which if you are inexperienced isn't suprising). But please, you're entering really dangerous territory here. He's going to be marrying your sister for crying out loud!

    I think you need to find more than just birthday presents, a kiss as a greeting, and smiling when he talks to you.

    My advice is to stear well clear. I doubt he has feelings for you. By doing anything you could seriously b putting your relationship with your sister at risk. There are many other men around.

    (Original post by cascadingstylez)
    You guys are nasty.

    I think if it was a troll post then it would be Anon.
    Your time will come, Just wait it out.
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