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    Thanks! I knew the details, just not the names!

    I've been telling myself for two weeks to design characters for tasks and whatnot, but I haven't.
    I haven't even thought of names.
    Oh dear.

    And I just want to make sure that I -know- all the stuff for an A* (even if it's out of my league because I haven't prepared).

    Thanks for your help, good luck tomorrow!
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    Anyways, good luck for tomorrow, I now need to get some beauty sleep.

    Hopefully we'll both get an A*.

    Hey, how did you do then?
    The extract was great for camera shots; I choose studio set as well.

    Here were my tasks:

    I said it was conventional of music programmes to use literary techniques - I chose to use a portmanteau of pop and spectacular. I used pop because mytarget audience was teenage girls.

    I said it was conventional of comics to have a protagonist with a superhuman ability. I chose super-speed, and as my protagonist is male, and dashing is a speedy movement, I chose Dashman.

    I think I got:
    around 42/50 for Section A
    around 48/50 for Section B
    Most likely 5/5 for QWC, but I was very sloppy and didn't paragraph well, so maybe 4/5.

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    I thought I did pretty well, I analysed the use of camera shots and lighting. For camera shots analysis was mainly talking about how the movement was franetic, there were closr-ups of pop stars etc. For the lighting, i mainly talked about how a 'gig' style atmosphere was created, and also the franetic nature of the lighting, I also connected all this into the target audience of teenagers.

    My music programme was to be called 'The Station', the four main ideas was that it would feature actors and actresses from Hollyoaks, it would have attractive presenters, there would be a lot of audience interaction, and there would be coverage of older bands.

    My comic was called 'infinity now' and my superhero was called 'cyber-soldier', I mainly went for the stereotypical spider-man style comic.

    The only thing I'm worried about is that my answers featured too much quantity and not enough quality, did you make loads of points, or made a few points and developed them?

    Ha, what a lovely 3 hours nap I jut had!

    Wow, you'res sounds so much more interesting.

    To mimic your post...

    I talked about the camera shots being typical of the rock genre when the pop rock bands were performing (ECU of instruments) and even clothing items, such as shoes, were zoomed in on as a form of advertising. For studio set, I just wrote really rubbish things about it being a miniature concert so that the audience at home can identify, and be influenced by the studio audience.

    My music program, the ever cheesey Poptacular, had these ideas:
    Live performances - this one I felt was obvious.
    Artist invterviews - again, obvious.
    Recognisable presenters - also obvious (examples I gave were Alex Zane and Fearne Cotton).
    Theme tune - I wrote this within the last 5 minutes of the exam because I could not, for the life of me, think of any other. In my defence, I have never watched a music programme from start to finish. Also, I wrote a ridiculous thing - I said that any regular viewers that might be casually signing or humming the theme tune can be seen as advertising!

    I feel the same way - I filled every page we were supposed to, and wrote an extra page on my explanation of my front cover. I wrote lots of unstructured analysis points, which I explained briefly. I talked about everything I could think of. I flicked back and fore questions, so when I wrote the thing about the camera angles advertising shoes in the pop music, I immeadiately turned back and wrote the same for my superhero's costume - a chance for merchandising.

    I was quite pleased with myself actually, I managed to squeeze in Todorov's name! As my front cover featured my superhero running (as superhuman people do of course) I said that 'the mis-en-scene was that of a superhero running to a narrative disruption (as shown in Todorov's theory of narrative structure).' Go me!

    I hope I got my A*. I did rubbish in language and literature, so they won't be A*s. I wanted 5 A*s, 4 As and a C. Now it looks like I'm getting 3 A*s, 4 As, 1 B and a C. Oh well!
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    Yeah, it sounds like you did really well.

    Unfortunately, I haven't had the liberty of a 3 hour nap as I have a 1h 45 min history paper tomorrow.

    Overall, I'm hoping for about 3Bs, 3As and about 8A*s.

    Doing 13 GCSEs all at once is a massive pain in the backside.

    Media Studies, History and Geography consecutively on three days doesn't bode well for my wrists.

    I wish I'd done 13.
    Well done on media, and good luck to all your other exams.

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