..am i shallow?...or is it just normal?... Watch

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....well i put this to my boyf this afternoon....after he asked my what i was doing when i was trying to be all flirty with him at lunch time....

...it didnt go at all well....he now says he feels inadequate.....i now feel like a completely demanding b*&^%...:mad:

....lovely......its just started raining as well...
Please stop with the ellipses, they're ****ing irritating.

No, you're not (necessarily) shallow. It's natural to enjoy sex just like it's natural to enjoy anything that feels good. What determines whether you're shallow or not is whether you think it's worth breaking up with your boyfriend over. And if he says he feels inadequate, it sounds like you messed up. So, crunch time: is the lack of amazing sex worth splitting up with him for? If so, go tell him. If not, go apologise.
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Just say you'd like a little more variety!

Bah, he needs to understand the key to having great sex is communication. If you can't communicate without him feeling upset where's that gonna get EITHER of you?

Don't make it all about you - be sure to ask him what you can do to really make him crazy etc.

I tell my boyfriend I like this or I like that, he doesn't get upset because he never did it before, he's thrilled because I've given him something to really please me.

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