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(Original post by jenren22)
Thanks for the replies . I spent hours this morning just pampering, shaving my legs etc. Sometimes i just sit there and think 'why the hell am i doing all this?', but then again, i feel alot better for it. My mum said i was turning into a Wag once! I was offended .
Id be offended too. :p:

At least you're intelligent and not just about looks.
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(Original post by Tufts)
;console; What did she make you wear?
...she just bought me clothes that were a bit frumpy - old...they were just what she thought i should look like - so skirts and tops, flowery dresses,etc. I never got much of a say in what was bought. If i did and she didnt like it she could be very unpleasant :mad: I was always the unfashionable girl if i was with friends and stuff... i went to a private school which was very strong on uniform and i always had to be immaculate even in 6th form (had uniform in 6th form) - it was a truly minging uniform as well :eek: ...after school if i got changed out of it she would have a hissy fit about the amount of washing so i always in uniform during the week even after school even though i really hated it...would get dragged round waitrose or town in uniform still looking immaculate...horrid. - she has some really odd ideas as well...when i was in year 11 when we changed from summer uniform to winter uniform she made me wear stockings and suspenders instead of tights - she said tights were unhygenic and that i was not going to wear them. - i knew that when we had pe people would see them and got really upset about this over a few days but she wouldnt even discuss it - when we did have pe people were like omg what are those and it was so embarassing...really hate her for that :mad: ...she made me wear them instead of tights right up to finishing 6th form.

very very dominating person - i really hate her for it now i am at uni. we dont speak at the moment and I am not going home for the summer.:p:

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