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(Original post by MGT_90)
Here's the syntactical breakdown:
"They are more alike" refers to the aspects of each system that share similiarities.
"They are different" refers to the aspects of each system that are different.
The "than" indicates that the number or importance of the aspects which both systems share are either more plentiful or more important (maybe both) than the differences between them.
Here's the clarification:
The Zune is effectively an iPod clone, both aesthetically and in terms of functionality. It's not as if the Zune is a small, lightweight, slim player that focuses on delivering the bare basics. Both the iPod and Zune attempt to do much more. Aside from nominal differences such as the name and the different manufacturers, the feature set is more or less the same. It's not as if the iPod enjoys some revolutionary feature that a Zune can't deliver. It's not really a massive choice. They look similar, they can handle similar formats, they have a similar footprint, same ballpark capacities, etc.
What I think is more nonsensical is the sentence "Ipods are way cooler than zunes". My comment has quantifiable and clearly identifiable aspects. "Cool" is an arbitrary value term that doesn't refer to any concrete property.
It does not make sense to claim that the 'differences' between the two objects are more or less than the 'similarities'. How would you figure that out? Draw up lists? Ok - once youve done that how would you decide HOW significant each difference/similarity is? Would you make up your own 'difference' scale?! Saying 'they are more alike than they are different' doesnt refer to concrete properties anyway.

I was expressing an opinion based on my own feelings. It is in no way nonsensial to do so. Why would I care how similar they are - even if the differences are tiny, I can still feel that Ipods are cooler. By saying that 'cool' is an arbitary value, you immediately concede the redundancy of your criticism.
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Please don't bicker, children.

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