Sims 2 Technical Help Needed.. Help wanted Watch

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(Original post by Nayberay)
:rofl: Your not a freak
I used to play Sims 1 all the time until Sims 2 came out and ruined my life lol Joking well hopefully it will work and that or I'll have to settle for Sims 2 stories .I'm just cleaning up my PC internally getting rid of unused programs etc.
Have you got the expansion packs? Before I sold them on I had Open for Business,Bon Voyage and the Uni one..
Once again Thanks
Spread the word! lol
LOL, yeah I have all the expansion packs. I did buy one stuff pack, but I prefer custom content from modthesims2 etc... I really hope my computer can handle The Sims 3

I didn't play the Sims 1 much, because 1) I barely went on the computer and 2) I didn't have a job (being 8 will do that though). I loved it though, only had one of the games but Makin' Magic and Superstar were awesome!

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