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    (Original post by Myth717)

    Hi all, I really need your help as atm I am so confused and angry with life..(Here goes)

    Basically I am 16 yrs old currently doing my A levels in sixthform. I picked As Chemistry English Biology and Sociology, hoping to have some sort of career in medicine.(yes I know its competitve). My GCSEs went really bad, I got really ill last minute, being predicted 4 A*s 5 As 3 Bs. In April I actually got 1 A 9Bs 2Cs, which was a huge dissapointment but acceptable as my sixth form understood my circumstances. Ok, so today I had chemistry in the afternoon, I walked in and got told "I had been kicked off the course" because I got a U in a small test... Several other people were also kicked off, some people started to even cry. However I still remained in her lesson, whilst other people left I still showed her I was determined and even wrote down the homework she set. I spoke to her after the lesson endend, after several attempts of me pleading and explaining myself she walked out on me.... Since then my heads just been going round in circles. Having being kicked out of chemistry I just lost my mind, my whole career and dreams just fell apart... I spoke to my parents who are understanding and behind me 100%. I also spoke to a friend of mine he suggested I should :Take this year out to resit my GCSEs 5 of them getting my A*s/As in them and also build up on my personal statement for uni, aswell as getting tuition for a whole year for chemistry. This would mean me dropping out of my current sixth form and studying for my GCSEs and once I have got my GCSE results in August, I should reapply to my same sixth form or another one and take up my subjects, Chemistry ( having being tutored for a year i should be better at it) Biology sociology and English... Any advice on what I should do and not do ? wether this is a good option ? or if there are any other options? (this is my first post so please bear with me) atm I cant think straight and need another opinion from someone. Any advice is most welcome and could change my life. Thank you for reading this.....

    P.s Deadline for decision is monday....
    The other day I was watching telly, and saw a presenter interview a 6-7 year old, in a terrible school in Africa with no resources, and the kid was learning calculus, and said he wanted to be an engineer. He said before his mother died, she told him 'If you want anything in this life you have to work hard for it' before he broke down in tears.

    To me, this serves as a profound and inspiring quote. Sure some people have it better than others, born rich, good school, naturally intelligent. Some people can gain degrees in medicene whilst maintaining a wild social life just because of their natural intelligence! But regardless of situation, if you truely want something, you will make it happen.

    Don't leave your chemistry teacher alone, do everything you can, bother your headmaster/ head of house, (one week of intense work is better than delaying your education by a year!), revise the work, produce a report, ask for another test to prove yourself. If they see you have the motivation, they will reconsider you.

    No matter what opposition you face, you fight that decision ALL the way. Take it as high as you can, write letters sent to the headteachers/governors explaining the situation and asking for mediation, get your parents to rattle the cage as MUCH as possible, get with the other people who've been kicked off and get them involved in it too. It sounds like this teacher is doing that age-old arrogant teacher situation of abusing their power when its not necessary... situations like these make me sit up and think "Damn, I'm not going to let some ***** take me down so easily."

    And if it doesnt work? Study it independantly (I did so with Business Studies, two of my mates did the same with economics and further maths - you can do it and do it well on your own), get a bunch of different textbooks, use the net and ask for help when you need it off places like this (and some teacher-based sites, I know many of them would sympathise quite heavily!), work with people who are still in the course, and take the exams elsewhere if you can. You FIGHT that decision until its reversed, and you don't let them kick you down, and you certainly never give up! Never let that happen, my school is just as ridiculous and incompetant and power-mad as well and have tried funny tricks like that on me, and I haven't let it get me down yet.

    Fight it, and if, personally, I can be any help (at least, offering moral support!) just PM me!

    Good luck, mate!

    Like I said before, if you;re going to re take the year and the subjects, do it elsewhere. The place you are currently studying obviously cares more about its academic acheivements and grades than its pupils. which is disgusting

    dont re-take ur GCSE...why should you? My brother only had 2 GCSEs which were Maths A* English B...ended up in A level with AAAa...now a succesfull medic student in his first year.

    I remember when i did AS chemistry and recieved my first test which was a U...but suprisly with hard work and more hard work i ended up getting AS chemistry an A

    you should talk to ur head teacher about this. Explain to ur head teacher that you JUST finished your GCSE year and comparing it to your AS year its really hard. Just give some reasonable excuses such as you didnt know how to work/reviese for the test...but you are determined to study better etc...you know them excuses :P

    if it still doesnt work...apply for a weaker school and they would properbly allow you to undertake AS chemistry.

    OP are you sure that for medicine biology chemistry sociology and english meet the requirements; i thought it was 3 sciences (maths, chem, bio or physics) to at least as level. ??

    i think, u no, u sound like a very bright person so dont let this bring you down, take it in your stride. If you think u should drop out this yr, take chem tuition then do that and prove to everybody that u can do it. I certainly wouldnt advise u re-sit gcse's coz at the end of the day, its stress u dont need and nobodyt, after a-level, really looks at them, their just their to prove u can do a-level!!
    good luck with whatever you do and all the best

    Of course you can carry on doing it! even if you do not do chemistry unitl you are doing the others as A-levels next year. D.w. about your GCSE grades, people barley look at them unless you are looking at top top unis, and even then you will be able to explain your situation which is exactly what I have done.
    You will be fine hun, just work hard as you obv have the passion and determination and will power to do really well

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