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Why can't we just be left alone? watch


    OP, get your bf to tell her straight, what she needs is the knowledge that their relationship is OVER and there is no chance of reconciliation. She'll hurt for a while but hey, that's life. People move on.

    If you're that insecure about her, strike up a conversation with her and ask about her trip, why she's going etc, and then maybe confront her depending on what she says?

    I'm not sure why some of the posts above have jumped to the conclusion that HE is the guilty party here but anyway..

    Just wait until he wakes up and explains to you, or atleast tells you what he thinks. This same thing happened to my best friend (not going to visit him but the obsessive behaviour) and she called the girl up and explained to her that it would be in everyones best interests to leave him alone, they were very happy and wished her the best in the future but it will be without her boyfriend.

    I think your boyfriend has more power here than you realise. Most girls AREN'T actually crazy stalkers; usually there is SOME kind of indication from the 'innocent party' for them to act so obsessively. However, i'm not saying your boyfriend has given her any indication he is interested, but if he REALLY REALLY wanted to, he probably could get through to her, honestly.

    to me, it sounds like 'the ex' is getting exactly as she wants - you're getting sort-of paranoid because this, then people asking you if he's stringing you both along...etc etc etc

    she's doing a pretty good job of getting between you two!

    (Original post by angel_night)
    she maybe doing it deliberately to agrivate you. she may not even be going there, but knows it'll annoy you and wind you up, and possibly cause friction between you and your boyfriend, which in her eyes could mean the end for you, and another chance for her?

    i'm sure he'll explain everything. he sounds like he's honest, so hopefully it's all okay

    Ruth xx
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