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    (Original post by Flower404)
    did you ask him about him sleeping with the girl when you were both getting into eachother? what did he say?
    Well cause of this whole STD test thing, it did get personal. I said to him, sometimes protection isn't available and SOMETIMES it may be hard to stop. He said no i went to her flat etc. It was painful for me to get details out of him but had to. He admitted that there was skin-to-skin interaction without a condom but he didn't go inside like that.

    He said he did sleep with a girl while we were getting into each other, but he felt that i can't question him because we weren't officialy together. Now he slept with this girl 2 weeks before his birthday. I went out with his for his bday andi clearly remember we were really into each other. He said he's sorry, and that he realised that he wanted to be with me and not her-that was a bit of fun...that did make me upset when he said that.

    OP you annoy me. You sound about 16. I don't think you should be getting engaged when you seem to not really trust him. You probably had thrush which any woman can get.

    You need to forget what he's done, if you ever do have sex and broke up would you like your next boyfriend to be causing arguements and questionning you about it?

    I doubt it.

    There is nothing he can do about the girls hes had sex with. Hes obviously waiting for you, so you mean something to him. Just forget about it.

    "Getting into each other"? Does anybody say this? I thought it was Getting with each other.

    Oh and, sex is just sex. It doesn't have to mean anything unless you're with someone you love.
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    You guys seem to have some serious trust issues. Before you even think about living together let alone being engaged - you need to sort these out. You really seem to begrudge him for his past... which is a real shame as obviously he can't take back those things. And if he didn't know where he stood with you - whether you were together or not - then whilst it might have hurt you to know he'd slept with someone else - its reasonable.

    You're blaming him for a lot, when it sounds a lot like it's your insecurities you have issues with?

    Good luck with the test, but it's not necessarily an STD. Don't jump the gun.

    whoa, ok ok

    OP, what these people are saying is all very true.

    saraaaa, i think this situation isnt about the fact that he slept with other girls, but that he slept with one when they were "getting into eachother" (which i take to mean that there are clearly mutual feelings, but nothing established, whereas getting with eachother would mean it is established, which is why i think the op is using this phrase instead)

    but anyway OP, the fact that he said it was just for fun is better than him saying it was because he really liked her on a deeper level right? its good that it was only a bit of fun, thats forgiveable, esp since this was 2 WEEKS before his bday when you were both into eachother. like someone above said, it doesnt have to mean anything.
    i think you may not be able to let this go because you might see it (even subconsciously) as him cheating on you? i mean correct me if this isnt the case? but the reality is he didnt cheat on you. there is no reason for you to mistrust him, and from what you said in your posts, he seems genuinly sorry, which is really decent of him since from his point of view (and mine) he hasnt actually done anything wrong. he clearly cares for your feelings.

    you definately need to work thorugh this in your mind and forgive him.

    do you see where im coming from with all this?
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