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should Infant Circumssion be banned? watch

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    (Original post by Kittiara)
    I am a Christian. If there were a good reason to postpone Christmas, such as that harm would be caused by celebrating it on the 25th of December, then I would have no problem with it. My faith is something personal between me and my God, and it does not give me the right to cause harm to others.
    I see. One of the main ritual differences between rival west and east Christianity is the date of Christmas day - the difference just of two weeks. Wouldn't it be reasonable to move the date by only two weeks to improve relation between two brands of Christianity? Faith is not about reason. Even these days thousands of people are killed just because one of them pray 5 times a day and others do it 6 times.
    I would say that it is more than my opinion. Thousands of nerve endings being removed = harm. Removing healthy tissue against someone's consent = harm. Babies have died because of infant circumcision, and have complications due to circumcision. A quick Google search showed that one hospital had over 100 children in A & E over the course of just one year, due to complications, with one per month being life-threatening. And that is just one hospital here in the UK. All that is completely avoidable.
    Thousands of nerve endings being removed? Impressive. But it would be even more impressive to count the number of removed atoms. It's not about somebody's personal opinion, but rather about professional medical one. For every such article, which you found in internet, I can found ten others with opposite opinion. There is no medical consensus that circumcision harms baby.
    Are you saying about hundreds of infant fatalities in the UK? I don't know what happens in Britain. In Israel almost every male Jew is circumcised. You will be surprised, but the nation is still not ruined. I know only about one fatality initially related to circumcision. Eventually after thorough investigation it was proved as not connected to circumcision.
    So, I ask you - how is it okay to take away a piece of a baby or small child's skin? How is it okay to deprive them of thousands of nerve endings? How is it okay to place babies and small children at risk of death or complications?
    Smoking mother, mother driving with a baby in auto - just to visit her friend.. All this and many other things are much more dangerous for a baby, than one procedure of circumcision.
    The practice of FGM has been banned in the UK, and rightfully so. Yet some people see it as a part of their religious or cultural traditions. That they see it as such is not an excuse, though.
    There is medical consensus that FGM is harmful. Also it is not a religious ritual.

    It is interesting how they have banned cutting the end of dogs tails off now but cutting some of a human baby's penis is ok.

    Only religion can make people be sick enough to take a razor blade to a baby
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Updated: December 22, 2015
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