£13trillion: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite


    (Original post by alex5455)
    well if you dont think there are bad schools you should really go to inner london or up north like they were in my area, where are all these "resources" you claim exist, my town had one library, that went years ago. let me guess you went to private school?
    Yes I did, I rarely used the Library though. I may have used it a couple of times for personal use, not help with studying. You don't need a Library to do well in your GCSEs/A levels. The internet is much more useful, and far more people have access to it.

    you are complaining some people only earn 42k which isnt enough to support a child through uni? the average wage is 25kish, these people have more money than most people can ever dream of earning
    Around where I live, 42k will get you nowhere. And it probably gets even worse the closer you get to London. 42k after tax is closer to 30k. Say £1000 per month for the mortgage. Down to 18k. £100 a week on food and drink for a family of 4 is reasonable. That takes you down to £12,800. 2 parents getting to work. Let's say including tax and petrol, public transport costs etc. £70 per week. That now takes us to about £9,000. Gas, electricity, water and council tax. All adds up. Let's call it £250 per month. That's another £3,000. So now we are down £6,000.

    This isn't even taking into account miscellaneous expenses. Clothing, going out, maybe a small holiday. What if you need a new car? Car repairs, house repairs, maybe you need some new furniture. That could all easily eat up more than half of what is left. What if you want to save for your retirement? No use slaving away all your life if you don't have a nice nest egg to retire on. Childcare? What if you have some younger children? Childcare costs can run up to £150 per week around here. It really is not enough to support a child through university.

    Don't know what everyone is complaining about, that's £13 trillion worth of jobs

    Just watch, they'll hire a ****load of people any second now

    Aaaany second

    There, see! Jobs!

    No wait, that's a yacht

    (Original post by Carecup)
    Don't know what everyone is complaining about, that's £13 trillion worth of jobs

    Just watch, they'll hire a ****load of people any second now

    Aaaany second

    There, see! Jobs!
    It already happened. £13tn is held as investments: shares in companies, loans to companies and to individuals (which allow personal spending), and bonds/gilts, so it's financing the government's deficit spending too.

    No wait, that's a yacht
    Yachts don't just build themselves!

    (Original post by Sephiroth)
    Why not do it now then? Surely you'd notice the benefits of not paying tax now more than you would if you were a millionaire.
    I am a student and an income.
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Updated: July 27, 2012
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