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    (Original post by Mrs.Grey)
    Taking off the hijab doesn't make you automatically a whore with no morals however it can turn you in one. When you allow yourself to take it off, you're more easily led, step by step. I'm speaking from experience so I think I know what I'm saying.
    You have been a whore with no morals?
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    (Original post by ICT Geek)
    Girl is only preaching what is right
    In your opinion.

    (Original post by Mrs.Grey)
    1) It would and I'm working up to it
    Ah, cool. Btw, what's the delay? I figure it'd be pretty easy to just put on a burqa.

    2) Not really, I have quite a lot of friends who don't wear the hijab, muslim and non-muslim so it would quite rude of me to say they're whores with no morals. I was just using the phrase that the other person used to explain my point.
    You mentioned that taking off the burqa could lead to wearing makeup to look nice, doing your hair up nicely (which you've said are bad things that remove modesty), potentially becoming a whore with no morals etc.

    Most women in the West wear makeup, drink, have sex outside of marriage and do other things which are totally against your code of conduct. Given your original post and the fact that you were happy to use the phrase that the other person used, I figured that that qualified most women in the West to be whores with no morals by your standards.

    (Original post by Anonymous)

    First of all, I'd like to say this thread is very hard to make for me since I've always portrayed myself as a 'proud' Muslim. I have been feeling depressed for the past, say, 4 years of my life. I'm turning 18 in the summer, and I have never felt so ugly, so depressed, so not my self. Imagine realising that you're not going to be able to do what you want in life... that you're living just to wait for death. That is how I feel. I feel completely trapped.

    My parents are conservative, very strict, very scary. My father moreso than my mother. My extended family are like that as well, you do one thing that they don't like and you're put under fire by the whole ****ing country. I have aunts and uncles here as well, and if I were to take it off all Hell would break loose.

    I just can't try and find justifications for some of the things in Islam. Like this verse in the Quran:
    "Men are (meant to be righteous and kind) guardians of women because God has favored some more than others and because they (i.e. men) spend out of their wealth. (In their turn) righteous women are (meant to be) devoted and to guard what God has (willed to be) guarded even though out of sight (of the husband). As for those (women) on whose part you fear ill-will and nasty conduct, admonish them (first), (next) separate them in beds (and last) beat them. But if they obey you, then seek nothing against them. Behold, God is most high and great." (4:34)
    This verse is in the Quran, it is not a hadith so you can say "oh that's just someone talking ****", it is the unadulterated word of God Himself.

    I just don't see a reason for covering my hair, I can be modest in my thoughts, I can be modest without a hijab. I love God and I hope he forgives me but I just don't understand why? If He made me the way I am and He loves me, why does He order men to rinse their hands from my touch?
    "And if ye are unclean, purify yourselves. And if ye are sick or on a journey, or one of you cometh from the closet, or ye have had contact with women, and ye find not water, then go to clean, high ground and rub your faces and your hands with some of it" (5:6)Am I created dirty?

    I just don't see how this could be 'misinterpreted'. And it's not even just Islam itself, it is the Muslim community. The backwards thinking, the hypocrisy, the oppression hidden behind smiles and empty arguments to trick yourself into believing it's the right thing to do. I don't want to lie to myself, and to God and to my family and say I want to represent this and I believe in this and it makes me happy. It doesn't. I am depressed. I feel like ****. I feel like I am losing purpose. I feel like my dreams are too far to reach.

    And I can't ignore it any more. It's been 4 years of constant **** and right now I am itching in my own skin. I am suffering so much and I know it might never end. Because I would be ridiculed and looked down upon and disowned by my own community/ family, nobody would want to marry me, I'm going to be pointed at my mothers who tell their children not to be like me. People are going to scowl in disgust when they hear my name. And I am a person who craves validation. If someone doesn't like me, I go out of my way to make them like me, so that would absolutely destroy me.

    Funny how a cloth on your head can do that to ya huh? But I don't know how to live my life the way I want and not to hurt or be hurt by those I love and those I call "family". I just need help. I don't need someone telling me I will go to Hell. God is merciful and will forgive my sins. You are not God.

    Any words of reassurance? Advice? Anything?
    Hello darling, don't know but he ho, there are many religions in the world, they are all a guide for us to follow, there is one bottom line with all religions and that is look after your family, be kind to your nieghbour and care for those who need it, who gives a flying **** what you wear, he does not judge so we should folla DAT.x

    Im a muslim and understand slightly how you feel as my friend feels like taking her scarf of because of isis jokes and other silly comments she would face on the train and when meeting clients at work. As a result of this she took her scarf of and is now despite taking her scarf of more religious than ever as the depression she felt whilst wearing the hijab strengthened her connection with god.
    Maybe that helps?

    End of the day it's your life and you should do what's right for you
    However take into consideration your family because they may feel upset
    Try and compromise with them

    I usually don't post on TSR, but I think if there's one time where I can help it's this, could I talk to you in private? I hope I'll be able to help you

    (Original post by ZainThePain)
    I usually don't post on TSR, but I think if there's one time where I can help it's this, could I talk to you in private? I hope I'll be able to help you
    You are about a year late

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