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Positively ****ting myself... Watch

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    (Original post by Cheech23)
    wish my love life is as easy as yours, u ****ed up two glorious opportunities to get a date and still managed to get a date. Damn !! lol
    which 2 glorious opportunities?

    i remember reading somewhere in one of your threads that you were worried about something where she was offering to take her home in the car or something or she was taking the bus or something like that lol, and there was another cant quiet remember but i remember somewhere where you were worried that youd ruined your chances lol.

    (Original post by wannabebrit)
    So this girl,,who i've known for a month..i'm pretty sure or atleast was pretty sure she likes me. She called me over to her place a couple of times, she said she'd keep herself free if I had any plans on the weekend and then she also called me yesterday to spend an hour with her cos she was bored.
    Anyway, last night we were texting and talking about our exes. I told her I'm over my ex, and i think i like someone else.She said..oh I'll set you up with her..i'm good at that..
    So the plan was to tell her by asking her if she was still willing to set me up with that girl and then tell her who it was by writing the nem on a piece of paper.
    Ok guys I'm ****ting myself here now.
    I tried to follow up on the plan to tell her by writing on a piece of paper but with a slight twist. I planned to say, 'so does that offer of yours still stand? and when she asks which offer i'll tell her that she was going to set me up with this girl. When she says yes, I'll say ok I'll send you her number, and then send her her own number'.
    So yeah, my plan was thrown out of gear because she didn't come to class today and had to go home which is 100 miles away. I decided, **** it , I have to do it today.
    So I TEXT her 'Hey whats up> Btw does that offer of yours still stand?'
    She: 'Which offer? Refresh my memory please'
    Me: 'Remember you said you'd help set me up with this girl I like'
    She: 'Yeah sure thing..in any way I can. But I'm in the bus right now'
    Me: Oh, that doesn't matter, I'll just send you her number'
    She: 'For what, so that I call her? Thats silly'
    I don't know what to do now. I want to sned her her number! I've got to the last step but can't proceed!
    Dude, that just isn't cool.

    Tell her straight up that you like her, being mysterious/ game playing ain't cool.
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Updated: November 28, 2010
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