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My mum is talking to my ex girlfriend, seriously wtf? Watch


    Sounds like your mum is this girls new boyfriend. My mum either hated or is indifferent to most the girls I bring home .Only one has she given the time of day to.

    Although my mum is being italian , I do think it's a bit weird your mum being friends with someone that young and your ex who dumped you ,you would think she would have some loyalty. Either your mum is going through some mid life crisis or she is a dyke and has been turned by your ex girlfriend.

    Next time she mentions her, just yell "Well if you're such great friends just bang her and be done!"

    Then hit her with a rubber chicken and storm out.

    Tell her if it's bothering you, and if you don't care about ruining a friendship.
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    (Original post by Rancorous)
    I would go to your gf.

    Your mum is, like mine, a bit of a sad case - she doesn't have many friends and she's reverting to a teenager instead of acting like a parent. But there's nothing you can do; you can't reason with someone like that - a child who gets the last word.

    If you're completely over your gf, go and be polite and say 'I'm really sorry, I know we're friends (even if you're not), but I find it really awkward that you still talk to my mum, and she gossips about everything you say - and as we're not going out anymore I don't really want to know that stuff - could you stop talking to her?'

    Just be friendly and hopefully she'll oblige. If not - you just have to accept you have a childish mum and are very very lucky you're not with your ex anymore.

    its very strange because my mum is normally very adult, but im pretty sure she is behaving like this because she purposely wants to annoy me like shes 'got one over on me'.
    I dont even have my ex's number, i wish someone would shove her on a plane and drop her off in Africa or something, i dont like her existing.

    I don't get how people are saying it's none of his business?

    The whole situation is just wrong!

    OP, your mum is either trying the 'get one over on you' thing or she just needs a friend :\
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Updated: December 6, 2010
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