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Pain in right groin - female Watch


    OP - glad your appointment went well and you got to the bottom of it!

    And for all the arguing over the cancer issue - yes it's really bloodi unlikely to get it at our age (by that i mean under 25s) but it DOES happen and sometimes you do need to push to get it sorted.. I was referring to a gynaecologist under the two week rule with suspected cervical cancer - it came back that i had cin the same as the other poster and the whole ordeal isn't very nice... THAT BEING SAID - i would never scare people into assuming that's what it was immediately because, like you all say, there's a million and one other things that it's better to rule out first. I think the other girl was just portraying the fact that it's certainely something to be AWARE of. (Correct me if i'm wrong.)
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    (Original post by dani_88)
    OP - glad your appointment went well and you got to the bottom of it! .)
    Yes, I've got to bottom of this problem, which is good. But my god did it hurt - jeeze :-/. But it was over with quickly. The pain is now starting to reduce abit now, not sure if that's because I'm taking an anti inflammatory for something else and it's reducing the pain down below or it's just settling down by itself. Ho hmmm but I'm pleased that area is alright.

    (Original post by Schroedinger's Pandora)
    Apologies for going off topic for this but I feel I should explain myself and reply to your comment. I'm sorry if it's come across as me "always going on about this" (genuinely), but honestly, it's something I am extremely bitter about. If I could have anything I wanted, I would give anything to know the risks surrounding what happened to me before it did, and I am so very pissed off that nobody talks about it, nobody tells you. I suppose that telling other people things I wish I'd known is my own little way of doing some good, helping somehow - if it come across as scare mongering I truly am sorry.

    I can't help but get annoyed at contant threads on here talking about how it's okay for men to sleep around and how "socially acceptable" it apparently is. My doctor explicitly said that I put myself at a higher risk by having a boyfriend who had put it around quite a lot, and my God I wish I had known all this before. I just didn't know what HPV was, let alone that there's no cure, they don't test for it and men spread it around like wildfire and aren't themselves at risk. It's all still pretty new and I've got a long way to go get before being "all clear", it's still very much in my consciousness and forgive me if I have brought it up and it's upset you. I'm not trying to upset anybody, perhaps my rationale surrounding it has long since gone out of the window and I may not word things very delicately.

    I suppose another element in the equation is that I don't feel as though I can talk about it to anybody in "real" life. Here, nobody knows who I am and I can be as pissed off as I want. At the moment, women going on about pain and beeding in their bits is going to make me say "have a smear, check everything's ok", but that's just a knee-jerk thing for me at the moment.

    I hope I haven't upset anyone else.
    I understand all that. Its terrible that one should suffer as the result of someone else's reckless behaviour. And you should feel bitter, I sure as hell would. There's nothing wrong with advising a smear test, I just think you need to be a little softer in the way you bring it up, thats all.
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Updated: December 15, 2010
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