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Anyone hate the coalition as much as I do? Watch


    (Original post by blue_shift86)

    I was just wondering if anyone hates the coalition and their policies like me? I don't like how they're implementing harsh funding cuts across the public sector without an apparent care in the world that 1000's of people are losing their jobs.
    Why do you say "without a care in the world", I would argue they're doing it for a reason, maybe you think they're wrong to do it but I wouldn't say they're just doing it willinilly.
    And in the end of the day, the alternative - in their eyes and mine - is that the Government if it continues spending £100 billion each year more than it earns, the international equivalent of the bailiffs will effectively tells what we'll be cutting anyway - and that will be five times as quick and painful.
    They don't care that their education policy is going to deter a lot of students from going to university because they will not want to be saddled with debt nor can they afford to pay back that ridiculous sum of money.
    Well, lets get this straight. Even if you go to Oxbridge, the debt you'll have at the end of it is like £42,000. On average you will earn (in the 30 years that you have to pay it off) probably almost £700,000 in total - your debt will be a mere 6% of that income. And considering the average graduate earns than 80% above the average wage, so it'll be closer to 3%. Seriously, you'll be to afford it, trust me.

    Oh, and if you can't afford it.... you don't pay!

    Oh and if you honestly think a university education isn't worth £6k a year, considering almost £7000 goes on every single student in the state secondary education system, then I think you're nuts.
    They don't care that EMA cuts will result in a poorer quality of life and will encourage people to drop out of college and sixth form to take up work at the age of 16.
    I knew someone on EMA, she was pretty hard up, didn't stop her spending all her £30 on shoes and clothes and none of it went on work - Im pretty sure at least. She was cool.
    Oh, and EMA is such a joke, I qualified for EMA. I went to a £15,000 pa private school... and I qualified for EMA. Seriously, it needs to be cut back.
    They have no grasp of how the working man lives. 18 members of the cabinet are millionaires. How do millionaires know how the majority working class group think and live. They've been brought up in relative luxuary.
    So wait, you automatically assume that millionaires were born with the case?
    Oh, and wait, whats the big deal about the 'working man'... if you look at national statisitics, 50% of this country is middle class, and 50% is working class - that 50% including students, so the "working man" is actually less than half this country.
    I just find it ironic that we working class people should be lectured on how government policy on how it will affect the working class when I can't think of a single working class person in the government!
    ..... which leads me onto this. The majority of people in this country are middle class. About two-thirds of people 'think' of themselves as working class, but actually are middle.

    Oh, and Eric Pickles is you're guy... oh, the Chief Whip if I remember rightly is a former miner. But Eric Pickles is a complete bafoon - Im not a fan.
    Furthermore, isn't it the case that the Coalition government are doing what is best just for their respective social classes (middle and upper class)?
    Aren't you by going on about the "working man"?
    This ultimately leads to the question: "Why do working class people vote for the Tories and liberal democrats?". I cannot believe people are dumb enough to vote for them after how badly we working class people were screwed over by Margaret Thatcher.
    Maybe the D and E group, but the C2s (upper-working class) loved that women. Partly because of the sale of council homes, partly for various other reasons.

    Also many working-class people that have voted Tory since Thatcher have done so due to their anti-immigration stance. Before Thatcher the Tories had a relatively romantic notion about the Commonwealth and Empire, and Britain as a mother of all nations. But Enoch Powell started the idea (within the Tories) of reducing immigration and Thatcher picked it up. Since then Tories have picked up votes from this ticket.
    What do you guys think?
    Also read this: http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question...3145633AAr7arQ - i agree with the best answer...Tories ruined our country, so they have no right dictating to the opposition how they ****ed up the country cos what the tories did was worse!

    (Original post by duke5)
    Are you going to pay for this mass building project.
    The tax that we set needs to be collected - the 40-120bn gap will cover it as one example. I get the impression that you are against the government creating jobs - (such as builders etc in affordable housing for the 5m on the waiting list - despite it being affordable as shown by simply collecting the tax we already set, and despite there being a need not catered for by the market - the private companies) - still? hope im wrong.

    (Original post by Aj12)
    Broken window fallacy.
    the point is that all money flows around and ends up either with the government or in the hands of the owner of a private company. The owner will spend the money on what - a new property, a new car, shares, decadent nights out? Property is possible the worse because the value created for the wealth is then locked up in that one asset - for know ones use but for the owners family (who may only visit it once a year). Alternatively nationalised companies plough wealth into - in my e.g. - affordable houses for for millions of people. This has value not becuase of the circulation of money but because that investment (the houses) mean people have a place to live - which increases there self-esteem so theyd be less likely to be antisocial which means a better standard of lving and means police have more time to deal with other crimes,
    which also means thay have more money to spend in other areas of the economy (cos the rent is cheaper than a private rent or a mortgage),
    which also weakens the argument of immigrant taking all our houses - which leads to right wing groups like the BNP gaining popularity. etc. etc.

    in effect by having government run companies and work schemes etc. you can plan where to put the investment - so as to be of most use in society - and if people don't like what you do then you are held to some account at election.
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