Is anyone actually happy or is it just an illusion.......?

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    (Original post by Freier._.lance)
    Tbh, with what you said earlier on happiness being an illusion,yes you're right it is an illusion, but just as much as unhappiness is. So it's always better to do what it takes to make yourself feel good. Though that is different to people actually putting on a front of seeming happy. Imho, the significance you put on your nose, is an illusion too. Understandably the things you've experienced have amplified your feeling that the nose you have is the source of all your problems, but it isn't. The girl below says something which is absolutely right, and that is people only start accepting themselves fully, when they reach mid 30's to 40, and they regret the lack of confidence they had when they were younger (your age right now). If your nose is the only part of your body that you have a problem with, count yourself lucky. One thing to note is, other people do not see you in the same way you see yourself in the mirror, a lot of a persons appearance is actually their character, so your unhappiness now and your projecting of it onto other people is only going to make things worse.

    ^^Excellent advice.
    good post, much appreciated. I think you're right, I think the perputual self-consciousness stems from my keloid scars, which I have on my shoudlers and chest. I think this has basically eroded my self confidence and yes I dont like my nose either but I think the scars have been the biggest annoyance. I think basically I over analyse my appearance too much like I have just started to recede a little and my sister says she doesn't see it but I do and it has receded but Im pretty sure I have BDD. But I guess the reason for this is I see all the girls to flock to my friend who is a decent looking man and it makes my blame my imperfections for it, things I have no self control over. I wouldnt say I appear really insecure around girls, I just prob seem normal but perhaps I do seem self-couscious to them?
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Updated: February 23, 2012
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