How dysfunctional are your family?

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    Every family is dysfunctional.


    They are very dysfunctional. I'm talking bankrupty, child abuse, cultural values clashing etc. And the drama that occurs in my extended family is worthy enough of being on a depressing soap like Eastenders.

    At least you have what I think is a bright future, you're getting a good education which should hopefully give you a good career, then you can start your own family and learn from their mistakes.

    My dad cheated on my mam repeatedly over about 25 years then left her in a financial & emotional mess a few years back. My brother has been hopelessly addicted to cannabis for about 7 years now and is no stranger to the police. I hardly ever see most of my extended family anymore. lol.

    I might aswell get this off my chest too.

    In the past I wouldn't really call my family dysfunctional. My parents got divorced when when I was 11, they were married for 15 years. I have 1 older sister and 2 siblings. Growing up I had an amazing childhood really couldn't fault it, my parents were really in love with each other and really never heard them argue. This changed when I was around 10 when I started to notice my parents arguing more. Eventually they did get divorced a year later. My dad moved out and we stayed with our mum and my dad went off abroad but still kept in constant contact with us and would take us on holidays and come to London as much as he could to see us and support us emotionally, financially ect. They both got remarried, my dad now has 2 younger daughters. My dad moved abroad and got married there, his wife and daughters still reside there. I don't really talk to my dads wife or my half sisters because of the fact that they live so far and don't really think his wife likes us too much. My mums husband is a complete PRICK, I've had so much arguments with him and there's been times where I wanted to literally smash his face in. This affected my mum and I's relationship allot, we now argue constantly and its down to him. It also affected me emotionally, I started to fall behind at school (I was a pretty smart kid) and would get into big arguments with teachers, basically turned into an angry kid. So I guess I'm the dysfunctional one lol, but cant wait to get away from that PRICK when I go off to uni if I get my AAA .
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Updated: May 7, 2012
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