Gareth Williams - murdered?


    It's tragic what happened to Williams but on a personal note, it's so fascinating and thrilling, and I will always keep my eyes open for headlines that will pop up over time. My speculation was that it was a murder/assassination, and a bloody good one at that. Utterly Moriarty.

    (Original post by Good bloke)
    You must be.

    Why are you ignoring the evidence of the expert witness who attempted 300 times to lock himself into an identical bag and failed? And the evidence that the bath had no marks on it whatever? It simply beggars belief (putting aside the likelihood that it was an impossible feat anyway) that someone struggled for ages to get into a bag in the bath and didn't leave DNA, a finger print, a scratch or a scuff mark. Or that someone indulging in such risky activities, known to be skilled at evaluating risk, would not take a knife into the bag with him.
    Well he didn't bother to put anything in his hand to free himself when he tied himself to his bedstead either. Perhaps he liked the challenge of not giving himself an easy way out. I'm not saying that it's 'obvious' he did it himself (or with someone else) or that I think even 90% that he did - but it's something that the mainstream media have totally ignored and it's a possibility, so I don't think it should be ignored. Also, just because he was an intelligent man and as you say ''skilled at evaluating risk'' does not mean that he certainly wouldn't voluntarily put himself in a risky situation - again the incident where he tied himself to his bed hardly paints his private life as sensible and risk free, compared to his work life.

    I just don't understand why this has been so public? Surely MI6 operatives die in mysterious circumstances all the time and it's never subject to a public investigation???

    I do think that, if the whole bondage thing is true, it is possible to pay too much attention to it. If those things weren't there, everyone would automatically assume it was murder. It may just be an unfortunate coincidence.
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Updated: May 3, 2012
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