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Is it illegal to buy a wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend from abroad somewhere?


    (Original post by rad_student)
    Financial independence in women results in increased divorce
    This quote is enough on its own and can't be truer. It just goes to show that marriage is stupid and man-made. None of the ethnic "traditions" are "natural" or should be chased after as something desirable or even essential for the arrival of the "next stage in life". Marriage is just something that chains both parties down and is usually one sided.

    The sooner people realise that the less they'll have to chain themselves to the frantic chase of life security and/or sexual fulfillment with the idea of the necessity of being with just one partner for life.

    Well, evidently you'll have to do the best for yourself. It's best to remain single until that one special person comes along, according to us who like to believe in the stars. But if you must be match-made, then the dowry counts, I suppose. lol To be serious, in my view, there is a certain liberty in singlehood, and at no time should you exchange that for anything less.

    illegal? don't think so, as long as there is consent. immoral? yes.

    Illegal no as long as she's consenting.

    However these days the immigration services are pretty clued up about fake marriages in order to help people get into the UK and a mail order bride like this will fit right into their idea of a sham marriage

    Ever met each other before? If no, sham marriage. Can you converse easily in one or other of your mother tongues? If no, sham marriage. Has either member spent time in each other's country before their meeting? No? Then sham marriage.

    Mail order brides are viewed by border agencies as purely a way of people trying to get into the country whereas they would otherwise not be let in.
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Updated: August 3, 2012
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